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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Reunion Part One

June 12, 2011 07:34 PM by Veronica Dudo

It’s been quite a season on this installment of The Real Housewives of Orange County! The ladies have said goodbye to some housewives and welcomed aboard new ones. There’s been bad dinner parties, girls-only trips, divorces, medical emergencies, surgeries, Botox and of course lots of drama! Keep reading to see what the ladies said when remembering season six!

One year later, Tamra and Simon are going through a divorce and Tamra has a new boyfriend, Eddie. One of the hot-button issues this season was Tamra and Eddie in a steamy hot-tub scene. During the reunion show, a montage of Tamra and Eddie throughout the season is played and viewers watched the reaction of the other housewives and they weigh-in on the relationship. Gretchen and Alexis feel that the bath-tub scene was tasteless and challenge Tamra when she says her kids haven’t watched it, while Vicki and Peggy said it was a beautiful way to show for them to show their love.

Alexis and Tamra start fighting when Tamra alleges that Jim called Tamra a lot of unflattering names to Simon who in-turn told Tamra. Alexis denies it and says they need to sit down with Jim to sort it out. Tamra maintains that he did call her names and then added that she doesn’t care to ever be around Jim.

Another huge talking point on the show from that began back on the first season is Vicki and Donn’s relationship. Vicki tells host Andy Cohen that her and Donn are in the midst of their divorce. Vicki says that her son told her that he feels that Donn is his father and he wants to still have a relationship with him after the divorce. Vicki said that her daughter, Briana seemed ok with the divorce in the beginning but now is extremely upset with the situation. Vicki says she is dating a new guy named Brooks who is from the south.

Donn did an individual, separate interview with Bravo and said that Vicki wanted the divorce and that he took their marriage renewal seriously and tried to make it work. He also said that Vicki should feel bad with how she treated him, even serving him divorce papers at work. Donn said that he deserves to be treated fairly and with dignity. Vicki responded on the show by saying she was advised by her attorney to serve him papers right away before either of them could move their assets around. She said she feels bad that way it went down and didn’t try to purposely hurt Donn. Andy asked her is she would ever marry again and Vicki answered that it’s possible but that it would take a lot for her to walk down the aisle again.

Andy asks Alexis about her marriage to Jim and asks her if she considers it “medieval” and Alexis says that it’s not medieval, it’s tradition. Andy also asked Alexis if Jim made a conscientious decision to stay away from the women this season and Alexis answered that there’s a lot of tension when the five women get together so Jim didn’t want to be around the drama.

Andy asks Gretchen about the release of her new song and she says she is really scared but loves to sing. Andy asks the other housewives what they think of the song and they say they like it. Andy tells Gretchen that she will be fine. Andy asks Gretchen about her relationship with Slade. Gretchen says the biggest misconception about Slade is that people think he is a dead-beat-dad but says that he isn’t.

The on-going feud between Tamra and Gretchen continued this season and Andy brings it up which automatically sparks the two to fight yet again. Both women say the other is obsessed them. The pair continues to fight and Tamra brings up the allegations from last year that Gretchen was seeing another man while Gretchen was in a relationship with Jeff (who passed away from cancer last season) was alive.

The drama continues in part two on Monday night on Bravo at 9|8c.

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3 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Reunion Part One”

  1. micchie Says:
    June 13th, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Tamara is a low class ho in a high oriced zipcode,Vicki would not know what a normal marriage is because she is not normal,Grecthen is a women who is not sure about herself and hides behind men and their excuses,Alexis is too far out to seek help and Peggy has the personality of a dead fish and will go with whoever is right at the moment, the only classy one is Jeanna and she ran in and thought she would be able to pick up where she had left off. Get a whole new cast and I will watch again

  2. Sharrone Says:
    June 14th, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I have watched the reunion show, and I noticed Tamra looks terrible. Her skin looks waxy and her hair looks unwashed. She needs to have something done with the waddle neck below her chin. She suddenly has injected herself into Gretchen’s relationship, but threw documents and a drink into Jeana’s face claiming Jeana is injecting herself into Tamra’s relationship with Simon! Does that sound a little hypocritical? Tamra needs to take a long look at herself. She reflecs a person ‘not’ beautiful inside or out!

  3. julette Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 8:07 am

    vicki has no personality at all.she likes to be the center of attention and dnt have marriage manners(doudt if any man will love her except for her so called riches)tamra aint different and grechen has been pushed out of her charater bye the so called vicki and tamra.i guess tamra is in secure because grechen is more beautiful and sexier than her,she is just being jealouse.they all think because they had fake everything on them everyone shld.i love jeana and grechen


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