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Platinum Hit Recap: Road Trip And Romance

June 13, 2011 08:33 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week Donna Summer joined the panel on Bravo‘s Platinum Hit and this week Natasha Bedingfield showed up to share her thoughts on the song writers! Keep reading to find out what happened on tonight’s episode!

Tonight on Platinum Hit the song writers were asked to write a hook about a road trip. Each contestant was asked to choose a card and on the back of the card was a word that they would need to incorporate into their hook. Right off the bat, as the contestants were asked to reveal their words, Nick started mocking Jackie about her chatter. Kara and Jewel scolded him, but he continued when she performed her hook – to the cameras anyway.

When it was time for Nick to perform his hook, he got a great helping of criticism from Kara, who told him that he didn’t know how to put his feelings into music yet. The third place winner, much to Nick’s dismay was Jackie followed by the second place winner in Jess. The first place winner was Johnny which was a first for him, but his huge heart showed in his hook. Johnny got a huge advantage for winning by being able to pick his entire team before anyone else.

Johnny decided to play a joke and make everyone think he was choosing Nick, when in fact he chose Brian and Scotty for his team as he felt their great music sense would make them a great team. Jess chose Amber and Melissa, while Jackie chose Karen and Sonyae, leaving Nick alone with no team. Since Jess had second place, she had the choice to take Nick or pass him on, and she chose to pass him on. So, after all Nick’s ranting about Jackie he was stuck on her team.

Next on Platinum Hit, Jewel announced that they would all be going on a road trip to write their songs! During their road trip, they must stop and spend the night at an awful motel. During the song writing, Melissa feels like she should have gone simpler, while Sonyae has some comments on Karen’s simplicity. Johnny’s team seemed to work perfectly together – hopefully their song does as well. But that was not all we saw tonight during the challenge, as we also watched as Jess and Johnny hooked up for a date that seemed to go very well!

Joining the judges tonight would Natasha Bedingfield and Jackie’s team kicked off the competition with a rock tune about the road being where her heart is. Jess’s team was up next and they did a beautiful ballad about the road, while Johnny’s team did more of a rock tune as well. It looked as though Natasha enjoyed Jess’s the best while Kara really got into Johnny’s song. Nick, however was determined to prove that he was the best and any team he was on should win – can this guy get any more full of himself?

While I personally preferred Jess’s tune, the judges loved Johnny’s and his team won the challenge. Jess’s team was safe though, leaving Jackie’s team, Nick included in the bottom tonight. Natasha said she loved Jess’s song and that it made her feel like crying. Jackie placed the blame on Karen, while Nick was praised for his instrumental use. Nick and Sonyae were both safe per the judges leaving Jackie and Karen up for elimination. The judges thought Karen did a horrible job by not adding much to the song and she was sent packing!

What do you think of Platinum Hit? Comment below and share your thoughts with us and then tune in next week for a brand new episode of Platinum Hit on Bravo! Remember, you can get the songs you heard on the show on Bravo’s website!

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