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The Glee Project: Eliminated Contestant Bryce’s Interview

June 13, 2011 04:32 PM by Veronica Dudo

During last night’s first episode “Individuality” on The Glee Project, viewers said good-bye to Bryce, one of the 12 contestants vying to win a guest-starring role on FOX’s hit series Glee. Keep reading to find out how it really went down straight from Bryce!

After learning the steps to “Firework” and the lyrics to the song, it was time to shoot the music video. Each participant sang a line that featured them in a close-up reflecting their personality. During the shoot, Bryce made a suggestion to change his part which seemed to have been taken as attitude. After reviewing all of their hard work, the mentors selected the bottom three contestants who had one last shot at their dreams. The three contenders had to do a last chance performance for Glee’s creator, Ryan Murphy.

The three participants were Bryce, Damian and Ellis. After performing songs chosen for them, Robert along with Ryan and Zach deliberated. Many things were weighed such as what type of character Ryan would write for the bottom three, how strong their vocal chords were and how well they danced. After much consideration, a “Called Back” list was posted by Robert. One by one the contestants in the bottom three walked up to look at the sheet of paper. Bryce was the last one and had a disappointing look on his face when he realized he was not called back.

Today during a phone interview Bryce answered questions from the media about his experience:

It seemed that the mentors: Robert Ulrich, Nikki Anders and Zach Woodlee seemed extremely supportive, what was your experience like working with them?

Robert is just basically heaven on earth, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and sincere and he’s exactly the way he comes off on camera, off camera–same person; Nikki is great too she’s beautiful, she’s sweet she’s great at what she does and she’s not afraid to give you a little push or a little bit of a hard time to make sure you do it right because she doesn’t mess around as nice as she is, she won’t baby you and the same can be said for Zach (laughs) he’s a very interesting and entertaining guy, he’s a character himself–he could be on Glee. I don’t think he liked me too much off the bat but I feel like we came back around a little bit more of an understanding more off-camera.

It seemed like on-camera you were eliminated more for your attitude then your talent-do you regret asking to make that change during the video shoot?

No, not at all because what I’ve heard and what I felt like and what I saw–I didn’t see the attitude in what I did. I saw that it could be annoying to have somebody ask to change something during the filming but I didn’t see where it looked like I was giving him grief to say and my part would have been weird because it was different even before that the part that you saw me changing wasn’t even the original thing–the thing that he gave me before got changed the day that we were filming it and so what he changed it to was weird to me so I suggested another thing which was I guess annoying to him. I think maybe from him working so much and having so much to do that having anybody give him extra work to do would seem frustrating and I was just that person.

After your last chance performance, a lot of people were surprised that you went home–were you also surprised?

I’ve heard that a lot and honestly it almost makes up for it (laughs) it’s a huge compliment when people are surprised that you went home instead of being like, ‘Well, yeah it makes sense,” I actually thought that I was going to be the one that went home based on a few things that were kind of off-camera. I felt like I was the only one that had a song that challenged them range wise-vocally. If it hadn’t been for Damian not knowing the words to the song which Ryan Murphy didn’t know it was a pretty easy song for him to sing. The lyrics is what made it difficult same for Ellis, it was right in her range but they wanted her to kind of sex it up a little bit. Mine was the only song that I really had to push and stretch to reach the things and after watching the episode I thought I did a really good job but during the filming I was so down on myself and thought that Ryan wasn’t impressed and knew Zach didn’t like me very much so I was pretty confident that I was going home; it was just actually seeing it on paper that was shocking.

Even though you weren’t there long do you think it was worth it to see how a Glee casting is and what it’s like in the industry?

The experience was worth everything on a million different levels; it was worth seeing what it’s like being behind the camera, worth it to meet the wonderful people that I got to meet the cast, the crew, everyone it was just so nice the whole time and it was worth the whole audition process was so fun and I never expected any of it and to get to feel on such a high level that I was picked based on just who I am is such a big compliment and I needed that, I really needed that lately. It made me look cocky and confident on the show–I didn’t chose the heartbreaker thing obviously we didn’t chose our own “Most likely to be…” so I get down on myself a lot so I really needed this show and them telling me that they thought I was one of 12 of the most talented people that they had seen around the world–I needed that and after I was done I started writing again and I just mean on so many different levels the show was worth it but I wouldn’t take it back for a heartbeat. If I left even halfway through the week it would still be worth it.

What’s next in your career?

I’ve wanted to be a recording artist and songwriter–that’s my main goal, that’s what I’ve wanted to do since I’ve started in music. I write all my own songs and I’ve played in multiple bands and I’m now doing my own music and I feel like I’m really good at it and other people keep reminding me I am because my songs are getting noticed. As soon as I was done filming I had someone from IGM call me that had just randomly heard the song that I had written immediately after eliminated from The Glee Project and I had a meeting with Atlantic last spring so I really just want to continue writing and recording songs until somebody is smart enough to notice that I might be somebody worth singing.

The Glee Project airs Sundays on Oxygen at 9|10c.

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