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The Real Housewives Of Orange County Recap: Reunion Part Two

June 13, 2011 09:07 PM by Veronica Dudo

Season six of The Real Housewives of Orange County is pumping out the drama during the much anticipated reunion shows. In tonight’s episode, the five housewives pick up where they left off last night as they continue to spill all of the juicy details from the season!

New housewife Peggy opened up this season about her postpartum depression and during part two of the reunion special, Andy asks her about her battle with it and her decision to share it with viewers. Peggy says she still has some bad days but that she is getting help and she is happy she has opened up about it. It recently came out that in her 20′s Peggy dated Alexis’ husband Jim dated and that he told Peggy NOT to tell Alexis. The other housewives press Alexis for more information about her relationship with Jim and ask her if she finds it strange that Jim purposely lied to her? Alexis says that she and Jim already talked about the issue.

Gretchen went into this season with the attitude that if the other housewives are going to be mean to her, she will fight back. In one episode, Alexis is in the middle of her fashion show when they find out that Vicki was being rushed to the hospital because she was hemorrhaging. Gretchen said she thought it was strange that Vicki picked that date and time to go to the hospital. Vicki says she was very upset that Gretchen could even think that she did it on purpose.

Slade has had a presence on The Real Housewives of Orange County since season one and Andy brings him out onto the set to join the ladies. Andy asks Slade about his financial situation and Slade says he does consulting work. Andy also asks Slade if he pays his child support for his son Grayson and Slade said he does but gets into a heated argument with Tamra who claims that he doesn’t. It gets so bad that Tamra walks off the set and calls Michelle, Grayson’s mother and asks her if Slade pays child support and she says he does not pay child support. Slade’s time on the reunion show is over and he leaves, prompting Tamra to come back.

Original housewife, Jeana who isn’t a regular on the show but appears occasionally is brought out to talk about her issues with Tamra. Footage is played of Tamra throwing a letter from her attorney at Jeana’s face and Jeana gets emotional over the turmoil this season. Tamra wants Jeana to stay out of her business with Simon and Jeana says that she just wants Tamra to be civil to Simon.

Andy wraps up the show by asking all the housewives what they thought of the season: Tamra says she fell in love went through a lot of different things but is in a good place, Gretchen says she watched the person that she loved pass away and says she lives in the moment now, Peggy says she had a good season, Alexis says that she just received a text message from her husband Jim who said that Peggy is lying and that she broke into his house to which Peggy says she never broke into anyone’s house and that she went there to talk to Jim because he wasn’t answering her phone calls.

Time has run out and Andy toasts to the sixth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and asks Vicki to add her famous “Whoo Hoo!” which she does with the help of the other housewives bringing yet another season to an end.

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    June 13th, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    tamara always has a shite look on her face.


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