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Masterchef Recap: Down To Eighteen!

June 14, 2011 07:33 PM by Lisa Princ

After revealing the top 38 contestants last night on Fox‘s Masterchef, 18 of them will move on to the competition round. But not before they are put through a vigorous cooking and kitchen basics test or two in hopes of heading to the competition. Keep reading for all the details of tonight’s episode!

Masterchef kicked off tonight with the basic skills exam which would narrow the 38 down to 18 contestants. The very first test would consist of apple slicing and whoever could provide the best slices, showing off their knife skills. Seby, and 18 year old who we did not meet yet in auditions, was the first one to pass this round with his precise cuts. But that wasn’t the only thing being cut as we watched tons of hopefuls cutting their fingers. Christina and Albert, who impressed with his alligator dish were sent through to the next round. More contestants followed and several others were dismissed while we watched the last 15 still cutting.

Joseph, our second alligator dish creator that we watched last night was sent home as his knife skills were horrible. Alejandra, who we met earlier in auditions was up next for review and her apples won the judges over, followed by Ben who we met last night. With only two contestants left chopping apples, Dustin and Tracy, who would get the last spot? After 2 hours of chopping, Dustin was sent packing and Tracy was sent to the winners circle, leaving us with 24 remaining contestants.

The next challenge on Masterchef was chicken in which the contestants had an hour to cook an amazing chicken dish, using an array of fresh ingredients. Right from the start there is some concern as the judges find out that Tracy is attempting a chicken pot pie and Albert a chicken gumbo, both of which are nearly impossible in such a short time frame. But that was the least of Tracy’s worries as the poor gal set her chicken skin on fire by forgetting about them! And the competition wouldn’t be Gordon Ramsay’s without some drama as Max has already found a target to complain about – a confident gal named Suzy.

But then came the best part of the show – the tasting. Max who was so quick to judge his fellow contestants did not get the best reviews on his chicken. Joe was impressed to see a contestant named Tony’s chicken properly cooked, but told him his mashed potatoes needed help. After the first six dishes, Max was sent through to the competition round which made his head even bigger as he stated that people need to be worried. Alejandra was also sent through as well as Tony and 2 other hopefuls.

When the next two rows came up, Max was hoping that Suzy’s dish would fail, but was disappointed to hear some great critique. Ben’s butter chicken and biscuits looked horrible, but Gordon said it tasted better than it looked. Cristian, Suzy and Jenny all managed to impress the judges and were sent through to the competition. Christine and Aaron were up next for review and Aaron’s dish did not contain enough chicken for Graham’s liking therefore he was sent packing. Last one up for this round was Ben, who is proving to be a drama queen as he dropped to the floor when he got the news that he would be moving on.

The next round brings one contestant who Joe accuses of thinking that by creating two dishes would get her through. Then we watched as Gordon scolded Albert for trying such a complex dish in such a short amount of time. Rhonda, the woman who created two chicken salad dishes was the first one sent packing, followed by Joey who did not do a good job with his chicken and pasta. Adrien, the server we met last night did manage to impress and was sent to the next round. Albert, our tattoo, buns showing truck driver was not able to impress though and should have made a better choice than gumbo as he was sent packing next.

In the final group we saw Seby get criticized for his dish, as did Derrick, who we met in auditions. Giuseppe was up next and seemed to impress, while Tracy did not. Two ladies were sent through first and then it was time for some men as Giuseppe was sent through to the competition while Seby was not – but Gordon encouraged 18 year old Seby to continue cooking his heart out because it was definitely in his future. With only Tracy and Derrick remaining, Gordon surprised them and sent them both through!

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