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Gene Simmons Family Jewels Recap: Shannon Walks Out

June 15, 2011 04:41 AM by Lucille Barilla

After twenty-seven years together and two children, Shannon begins to doubt her relationship with Gene, and that is part of what Gene Simmons Family Jewels season six will focus on. Eldest son Nick’s move out of the family home wasn’t as traumatic for Shannon as when daughter Sophie left for college. Shannon realizes that that the rock and roll lifestyle and Gene’s constant time on the road away from her and their family may not be what she wants anymore. Gene Simmons Family Jewels got serious when Shannon said, “Milestones are when you take stock of your life when you either want to move forward or take check of what you’re doing.” After finding photos of Gene at yet another business meeting with two buxom blondes, Shannon has had enough. She asks Gene to go to therapy to find out why he has a constant need for attention from women and why he is still such a workaholic at sixty-one years old. Revealed Shannon, “When the kids were younger we didn’t have many differences. As time went on, we had differences but I hid them from the children because I didn’t want them to get upset.” Gene heads to the therapist, but finds it difficult to reveal both to her and himself why he acts as he does when he is in “work” mode, which is all the time. He also addresses his fear of failure and the institution of marriage. Son Nick also feels that it is time for Gene to hang up the double life and allow Shannon to be part of his complete life once and for all. Daughter Sophie tells Gene that if she was ever forced to make a choice between her parents, she would go with her mom, but would always love her dad. At a emotional therapy session, Gene and Shannon confront their problems and it concludes with Shannon walking out of the session, returning home, packing a bag and leaving the home they shared. Will this mean the end of Gene Simmons Family Jewels?

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