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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top Twenty Shake The House

June 15, 2011 06:59 PM by Candace Young

Megan Mullally, who played sassy Karen on Will and Grace joins Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judges’ panel for tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Cat Deely tells us that one contestant from the Top Twenty, Mitchell, will not be performing due to an injured elbow, meaning he is automatically facing elimination on tomorrow night’s results show.  Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s routines…

Jordan and Tadd kick off So You Think You Can Dance with a duet performed to an African tribal beat. Tadd sports a hot pink mohawk to match the hot pink streak in Jordan’s hair. They have some powerful, interesting moves including a unique lift.  Nigel calls it ‘tremendous’, and thinks they’ll go a long way. Mary screams and imitates how the whole place was shakin’.  Megan thought it was strong, exciting, and a great way to start the show.

Sasha and Alexander are up next with a contemporary dance performed to Stupid by Sara McLachlan. They do a really edgy routine dressed in pale, shredded costumes. Mary likes it, compliments the choreography and tells them they were strong, but says she didn’t always feel the connection between them. Megan says it was great storytelling, but agrees there was a little bit of a disconnect. Nigel loved Travis’s choreography and the lift, and jokes that he’s scared of Sasha. He asks Alexander for more emotion in his face.

Clarice and Jess pair up for Jess’s specialty – Broadway.  The showy routine about lovers features Me and My Baby by Liza Minnelli, and has a real old-school, vaudevillian feel with lots of high kicks. Megan loved it, and calls it pure joy served up on a platter.  She says Jess is a born showman and Clarice is sexy and sassy. Nigel enjoyed the choreography, but thinks Clarice will need to work hard to keep up with Jess.  Mary labels it a celebration of dance and thinks Jess couldn’t have done better. She adds that she’s not worried about Clarice.

Ryan and Ricky are the next duo to hit the stage. They perform a hip-hop routine to Ain’t No Sunshine by Lighthouse Family.  The performance has a moody feel and definitely has contemporary undertones.  Nigel says he wasn’t sure about their facial emotions at times, but loved the dancing.  Mary thought they did a tremendous job telling the story and thinks both dancers are very strong.  Megan thought the piece was very effective and kind of beautiful.

Caitlynn is paired with Mitchell, but Robert from Season 7 takes Mitchell’s place due to his injury. The routine is performed to In For The Kill by La Roux. It’s an intense contemporary number with the dancers clad in dark outfits and making powerful moves. Mary screams that Caitlynn was really in for the kill.  She compliments Sonya’s choreography and the strong, powerful movements. Megan thinks Caitlynn was amazing and impressive. Nigel gives her a 10 for both performance and technique!

Miranda winds up with Robert as her partner, and they will be doing a jive dance. They perform to Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. It’s a a hip, upbeat routine with Robert as a nerd and Miranda as a sexy girl. It’s really cute. Megan says you’d have to be in a coma not to like that one. She comments on Miranda’s goofy quality and calls Robert a bright light. Nigel says Robert has the biggest personality of the dancers, but warns his technique wasn’t up to par. He wants more confidence from Miranda. Mary thought it was fun, fun, fun. She says Miranda was clean and Robert stole the show despite not pointing his toes.

Missy teams with Wadi to do a jazz routine choreographed by Sean Cheeseman. They portray sexy demons in black and red punk costumes to the song Judas by Lady Gaga. Nigel loves the choreography and is equally impressed with the dancers. Mary says Sean opened up a whoop ass can of dance for them! She raves about Wadi’s partnering skills. Megan comments on Wadi having never partnered before as well. She calls the routine amazing.

Melanie partners with Marko for a contemporary performance in which they are statues coming to life. They are all in white, including skin and hair. The routine has a light airy feel with incredibly controlled movements.  Cat says she got chills as the judges stand to applaud.  Mary is choked up as she describes it as magical and breathtaking. Megan calls it one of those special ones and quotes Oprah, saying, “Wow, wow, wow.”  Nigel thinks it’s Emmy-worthy. He comments on their fantastic chemistry and tells Melanie they’ve never had a better girl dancer than her on the show!

Ashley and Chris are up next. They do a hip-hop routine about cheating.  They hit the stage to Cee Lo Green’s Forget You wearing high school athletic costumes.  The number is fun and quick-paced. Nigel tells them it was well done. Mary calls it pure entertainment and notes Ashley’s swagger.  Megan thinks it was great. She remarks on the terrific hair, make-up, and costumes on the show.

Iveta and Nick are the final duo on So You Think You Can Dance tonight. They do a quickstep ballroom routine to Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. It’s a frenetic, flashy and stylish number that earns them a standing ovation. Megan says it was amazing. She tells Iveta she was elegant, but particularly liked Nick. Nigel hollers that Nick has fabulous feet. Mary screeches, “Fantastic!” She loved the tricky, fast footwork – it was unbelievable!

The voting results will be announced tomorrow night on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX!

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