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The Bachelorette Recap: Half-Hearted and Holding Back

June 20, 2011 07:28 PM by Candace Young

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ashley Herbert takes the guys to Chaing Mai, Thailand. She will have a one-on-one date, a group date, and the dreaded two-on-one date, from which one guy must go home, rears its ugly head. Chris Harrison gets the bachelors settled in their private villa as the episode gets underway. Keep reading for all of the highlights, including fire-eaters, boxing, and betrayal!

Ashley Hebert calls Chaing Mai the perfect place to fall in love.  She has chosen Ben F to go on the one-one-one date this week. The other guys watch as they leave the villa, commenting on the chemistry between the departing couple.

Ben is ready to build on what he already has with Ashley, but she’s concerned he’s not ready to let somebody in. They ride to the marketplace and cruise around hand-in-hand. Ashley is a little surprised that there’s a spark and she wants to keep touching him. They visit an ancient temple where they are not allowed to kiss and talk about how they wish they could.  Ben is cute and polite and somewhat hot.

The evening portion of the date finds them dining at a table set outside amid flowers, lanterns, and lit candles. Ben is blown away. They get to talking about winemaking as they eat. Ben admits he wasn’t emotionally available a year ago due to the death of his father, but finally snapped out of it.

Back at the villa, Nick finds the group date card. everyone is going but Will and Ben C, meaning they will be on the two-on-one date and face elimination.

Still enjoying their date, Ben F and Ashley talk about their ideal relationships. She thinks he is saying all the right things and can imagine a life with him. Ben F gets a rose.  Fire-eaters and Thai dancers perform for the couple as they indulge in some kisses. Ashley’s not as into the kisses as Ben appears to be.

The group date gets underway. Ashley tells the guys they will be doing some Muay Thai boxing. Ames notes that it’s ‘anything goes’.  The bachelors get their hands taped up and meet the Thai boxers at the venue while training.  Ashley shows off some moves of her own and Blake admires her ability to wear spandex.  After three hours of sweaty push-ups and sit-ups (these guys are hot!), Ashley unveils their fighting gear. Ames politely waits his turn and ends up with neon pink!

After traveling to the boxing ring, where a crowd of spectators have assembled, the guys witness a Thai boxer getting knocked out cold – they’re freaked.  Blake goes up against Lucas first.  Blake wins as Ashley worries that the date might be a tad too dangerous. Mickey and JP are next in the ring. Mickey comes out strong initially, but JP ends up winning on sheer determination.

Ryan steps into the ring with Ames.  After a few violent shots to the head, Ames loses the match and is clearly in distress. Constantine and Nick take their turn, but Ashley can’t focus on it for worrying about Ames. He is taken by ambulance to the hospital, glassy-eyed and apologizing as he goes.

That evening, Ashley is dressed for the after-party, but feels terrible about the group date going so wrong. Ashley greets the other guys, who are also hoping that Ames will return and join them.  Ashley speaks to Ryan and Mickey about Ames. Happily, he turns up, and appears to be in good shape, but finds it difficult to speak to Ashley. He jokes that the hospital diagnosed him as being totally in love. Ashley gives him a hug when he admits he has a concussion.

Back at the villa, another battle is being discussed – as in who will survive the two-on-one date.  Ben F reads the date card when it comes.

As the group date continues, Blake nabs some alone time with Ashley. He questions if she’s attracted to him.  Ashley then speaks to Lucas who tells her he’s a golfer. He gives her a little golf lesson by standing behind her.  He talks about her being attracted to Bentley. She says her instincts may have been wrong.  Ashley ends up giving the rose to Blake to reassure him.  Ashley ends the party with a toast to Ames, who is still sporting a slightly bewildered look, but gamely raises his glass.

Ashley meets Ben C and William for the two-on-one date. She tells them they should have fun during the day and then figure things out later. They travel up a river on a raft.  William is on the front and Ashley sits in the center talking to Ben C at the back. William becomes increasingly irritated by Ben C’s presence, and when he gets alone time with Ashley, he tells her that Ben C can hardly wait to get off the show and get into some online dating. Ashley is puzzled that Ben would say such a thing to the other guys, but takes Will’s word for it and elects to send Ben C home immediately. She tells Ben why he’s going. He feels betrayed, but leaves, morosely sitting on the raft as it goes back up the river. William and Ashley continue the date.

Back at the villa, the guys react when Ben C’s luggage is taken away.

Over dinner, William tells Ashley that it says a lot that she listened to what he had to say earlier and didn’t even question it.  Ashley talks to William about himself. He admits he’s a thirty year-old boy. Ashley doesn’t recapture what she felt for him on their first date and tells him he has to go.  He leaves feeling like a jackass. Ashley goes back to worrying and feeling insecure…

The bachelors back at the villa are thrilled to see the second set of luggage leave and celebrate.

At the cocktail party, Ashley asks the guys to be true to themselves. The guys feel that something is off with her.  Ryan reassures her of his feelings. Constantine admits to her that he feels closer to the guys, but is hoping to get a rose and continue the journey.  JP tells Ashley that she is what he wants – he even felt stung when she left for her date with Ben F.

Chris Harrison sits down with Ashley, who says she has a core group of guys she wants to move forward with, but she’s still thinking about Bentley Williams.  Chris says it’s not fair to the men who are there, and warns that this will not work if her heart isn’t in it. Ashley agrees and feels guilty. Chris says he’ll try to make something happen.

Rose Ceremony

Ashley thanks them for being there. Ben F and Blake already have roses. Ashley offers roses to Constantine, Lucas, JP, Ames, Mickey, and Ryan. Hunky personal trainer, Nick, heads home. Ashley tells the guys they are going to Hong Kong next week.

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2 Responses to “The Bachelorette Recap: Half-Hearted and Holding Back”

  1. RED Says:
    June 20th, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Ashley – you are being the biggest FOOL ever on Bachelorette – you heard bad things about Bentley -he said terrible things aginst you yet you still want him? – Good grief – you are ALL drama x 2 on this show now – get off your high horse and go after Bentley, you crazy cling-on, and please DO NOT, ABC, let losers like Ashley, have a 2nd chance!!!

  2. Sandra Says:
    June 22nd, 2011 at 12:28 am

    Ashley, Wake up Girl! Bentley is a freekin JERK! He talked about you like your a pile of dog poop. He made fun of you, laughted behind your back.So if that really the kind of guy you really want in your life, then good luck! I so agree with Red, you are being the Biggest Fool, on Bachelorette.Wake Up before it too dam late!!


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