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America’s Got Talent Recap: “Hotlanta” Brings Down The House Tonight!

June 21, 2011 06:08 PM by Lisa Princ

Nick Cannon, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan are back on America’s Got Talent on NBC tonight with more Atlanta auditions. If you thought last week’s auditions were great, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Keep reading for all the details of tonight’s episode!

America’s Got Talent is back tonight for another hour of auditions in Atlanta again and first up for the evening was Hershawn “Hershae Chocolatea” Gardner, a drag queen who came in donning a huge afro type wig and gaudy attire who would grace us with an impersonation performance of Tina Turner and Donna Summer. Immediately upon hearing her Piers buzzed her off but the “girl” did some great acrobatics and when Piers said he “must have been missing something”, Sharon told him he was missing a sense of humor! Both Sharon and Howie loved her and sent her straight through to Vegas.

And the great auditions continued with an awesome group jump rope routine followed by a performance of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”. Then we met “DJ Face” a 6 year old disc jockey who rocked the house followed by “Attack Dance Crew” who came out with “Bieber fever” performing a rocking “new style” dance routine to Bieber’s “Baby” and while grumpy ole Piers loved them, Howie compared them to cheerleaders, causing Piers to call Howie stupid. Howie gave them a no, while Sharon decided she would like to see more of them!

Then out of nowhere came Joseph Raven, who was dressed in a stuffed spandex suit with lips on the front of it who hopped on a bike and started to spit something out it’s “lips”….very strange! But the wackos did not end there as we saw “Robo-man” up next, followed by Kevin Jasper and his “North Carolina Howling” which scared more than it entertained. “Mr. Shake It Up” put us through the torture of horrid dance routine leaving Piers to ask him why every man over 40 comes out dancing!

Next up in the “Hotlanta” auditions were a sideshow act called “Captain and Maybelle” in which the husband shoved a wire hanger down his throat, followed by a large metal object in which he used to lift up cement blocks once it was down his throat….definitely one of the grossest acts ever! Sharon couldn’t take it, but Howie loved it and Piers was stunned at how much the audience loved it (since he turned his chair around and couldn’t watch) – needless to say based on that Piers gave them a ticket to Vegas!

Love was the theme of the next couple, Armand and Angelina, who were determined to prove that their love would shine through in their “Rock-Opera” performance of “My Heart Will Go On” and it was awful to say the least. The pair were immediately buzzed to stop by Piers and Sharon, and although he didn’t buzz them, Howie called it ridiculous, but so ridiculous that he loved it. Sharon decided that she loved “cheese” enough to send them to Vegas – are you kidding me?

Finally, we met Anna Graceman on America’s Got Talent. Anna is an 11 year old piano expert and singer who performed an Alisha Keys song and she was spectacular – she did not sound anything like the normal 11 year old! After being asked by Howie if she was ready to be recognized, Anna smiled and said she was which led the judges to give her a ticket to Vegas. Anna was definitely one of the best auditions thus far this season.

What do you think of America’s Got Talent this season? Are you looking forward to this week’s auditions? Comment and share your thoughts with us below and then be sure to tune in to NBC tomorrow at 9 pm EST to see more auditions!

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  1. Bernie Hoffman Says:
    June 27th, 2011 at 4:31 am

    Nick cannob deserves the prize.


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