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The Voice Recap: Eliminations, Collaborations & A Whole Lot of Talent

June 21, 2011 10:03 PM by Shayla Perry

It’s another semi-final round on NBC‘s The Voice. Which contestants from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo were sent home, and which two will move on to the next phase of the competition? Who rocked out the hardest? Find out everything you missed, PLUS watch Adam Levine and Maroon 5′s performance of their new single “Moves Like Jagger” featuring Christina Aguilera, get voting information to save your favorite artists, and the results of our latest RTVM Battles all right here!

This week on The Voice, after eight stellar performances in last week’s show, two members from both Team Adam and Team Cee Lo were eliminated. Who went home tonight?

On Team Cee Lo, America chose to save Vicci Martinez, with coach Cee Lo Green deciding to keep his “brotha from anotha motha,” Nakia, to go on to the next phase of the competition, sending the Thompson sisters and Curtis Grimes home.

For Team Adam, America voted to save Javier Colon (no brainer!), BUT instead of Jeff Jenkins, Adam Levine surprised everyone — including himself — and saved Casey Weston.

So, Tori, Taylor, Curtis, Jeff, Devon… Best of luck, we’re sure we’ll be hearing from you pretty soon!

With the final eight contestants now set, it’s time for the performances.

First up is Frenchie Davis, Cee Lo’s “soul sista” (dude’s got a LOT of family), taking a risk with Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.” A pro, Davis gives a performance that Blake Shelton eloquently describes as “a giant middle finger” to all those who doubted Christina Aguilera’s decision to save her last week. No one can say it like Blake!

The next performance is Nakia singing Adam Lambert’s “Whatdaya Want From Me.” He’s not too confident in the song choice at first, but we’re thinking coach Cee Lo Green made the right decision here.

Adam Levine is in love with Nakia’s performance, but we’re a little worried when he admits that he never heard the song before, and declares that Nakia probably sang it better than the original. Um… Adam? Seriously? You’ve never heard that song?! We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here, but only ‘cuz we love ya. (BTW, anyone else smell another RTVM Battle brewin’?)

Getting her footing in the competition after an outstanding rendition of Kayne West’s “Heartless,” Dia Frampton is putting her all into a performance of “Losing My Religion.” This girl definitely has some star power!

Casey Weston is also coming out of her shell, and surprises everyone by choosing “I Will Always Love You.” A VERY bold choice; especially after Whitney Houston’s rendition, which is pretty much burned into all of our brains as THE best. Adam Levine lets her know from the beginning not to even attempt to be anything like Whitney, which Casey struggled with, because, well — it’s Whitney friggin’ Houston, and who can forget that? It’s like telling someone not to think of Celine Dion when singing “My Heart Will Go On.”

Her coach was hard on her, but Blake Shelton and the other coaches (and Casey) agree that its paid off, and that Casey truly put her own stamp on the song.

And for the moment we’ve been waiting for, Adam Levine, Maroon 5, and Christina Aguilera take to the stage for the debut of their new single, “Moves Like Jagger.”

What do you think of the new Maroon 5 single?

Who would be crazy enough to follow that one? And who has the talent to be able to follow it?

Enter Beverly McClellan (aka “Killer B”) with “The Thrill is Gone.” No words. It’s Beverly. What can we say?

Javier Colon is singing “Fix You” by Coldplay. Just reading that sentence gives us chills, so you can imagine how awesome the performance was (though, we’re not going to lie — we’d also like to hear Adam Levine cover this one). Javier does another riveting rendition, but he catches us all off guard when he throws his hat off! It’s like a Darth Vader minus the mask moment, that takes us all by surprise and excites Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine so much, that Cee Lo almost forgets to drop another name (*cough* Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow *cough*).

Luckily for the remaining contestants, it’s Blake Shelton that has to follow Javier’s performance. The country star sings his number one hit “Honeybee” with a little help from his girls, Xenia and Dia Frampton.

After singing with her “papa bear,” Xenia takes the stage to sing “I’m Not Moving,” another song that Adam Levine doesn’t know. Adam! You’re killin’ us here! Once again, Xenia does Blake proud.

The final performance of the night is from Ms. Vicci Martinez, who prepped with a few push-ups before walking on stage, just to remind us all of how much of a bad-ass she truly is.

As a tribute to her father, Vicci rocks out with “The Dog Days are Over,” and adds some drums to emphasize her “war dance.” Most. Powerful. Performance. Of. The. Night.

Another night of great performances. Which artists will you save?

This time, the power is in your hands. The coaches have 100 points each to divide between their two remaining team members. These points have already been distributed, but will remain hidden in an envelope until the Results show.

Now it’s up to YOU!

Voting Information:

REMEMBER voting will end at 10AM ET on WEDNESDAY 6/22, so vote now and vote often.

Frenchie Davis: 1-855-VOICE-01

Nakia: 1-855-VOICE-02

Dia Frampton: 1-855-VOICE-03

Casey Weston: 1-855-VOICE-04

Beverly McClellan: 1-855-VOICE-05

Javier Colon: 1-855-VOICE-06

Xenia: 1-855-VOICE-07

Vicci Martinez: 1-855-VOICE-08


Results will be announced Wednesday 6/23 at 8|7c during a special LIVE Results show.

For those in ET and CT, the show will be slightly delayed due to an announcement from President Obama.

RTVM Battle Results:

Nakia vs. Casey Abrams (W)

Frenchie vs. Frenchie (T)

Patrick Thomas vs. Scotty McCreery (W)

Vicci Martinez vs. Haley Reinhart (W)

So far, American Idol‘s reigning supreme? Which Voice contestant will be able to break the streak?

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