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America’s Got Talent: The Big Apple Brings “Sexy Back” As Dancers Rock The Stage Tonight!

June 22, 2011 08:30 PM by Lisa Princ

Sharon Osbourne and the guys were back tonight on America’s Got Talent on NBC with more New York City auditions. But the Big Apple seemed to be talentless until the dancers showed up! Keep reading for more…

America’s Got Talent is back tonight for another hour of auditions in New York once again and Howie made a grand entrance in a clear, plastic ball – yes, he came rolling into the studio! First up in New York City was “Triple Threat” a Broadway singing, dancing and acting group. The dancing started off good, but the singing was not so good and immediately caused Sharon to buzz them, followed by Piers and Howie. The “triple threat” got triple X’s instead and when they asked what they could do to improve it, Piers advised them to get rid of the cheese – needless to say they got no where.

And New York was proving to be talentless as the bad acts followed with a pie eating weirdo who was shoveling the pie in and a group of guys punching calculators along with a pirate and a parrot who had no skills. At this rate, we were left wondering if we ever see any talent here. After a break we got to see a comedian come on stage and use Nick Cannon as a puppy prop – he was actually cute, but I don’t think this weirdo went to Vegas.

Then we met “Snap Boogie” an 18 year old student who loved to dance and was determined to make something of himself as he grew up very poor. This kid was amazing with his moves and acrobatics, who could say no? Not these judges as Howie called him fantastic, and Piers liked it as well. Sharon said it was a tough gig being a dancer and that he was fantastic and they sent him through to Vegas.

Michael, a 29 year magician who kept making girls appear and disappear – even turning a light fire into a woman! He was spectacular and would be moving on to Vegas. Following Michael, we met a sword swallowing woman named Riley. Riley indeed swallowed a sword and then bashed it with a hammer – she even made Nick pull one out of her throat. Piers immediately buzzed and refused to watch any further and Howie couldn’t believe how much she did not seem to enjoy it. She got three no’s for her lack of enthusiasm.

Next up we met Steven, another dancer who has been trained and dancing for many years, but would he impress as much as our last dancer, since that seems to be the only talent in the Big Apple! Steven shocked us by coming out in his undies, covered in makeup and complete with heels! Steven was actually a pole dancer and aside from his strange look, he was actually very good at it and we could tell that Sharon was in awe. Piers buzzed him immediately while Sharon said she thought everyone would fall in love with him, including Howie. Piers said he did not like him, didn’t get it and it was a no. Luckily for Steven, both Sharon and Howie said yes.

After Steven left the stage, Nick came out and started to strip in an attempt to dance on the pole, but he couldn’t do it…at least it was funny! Then the bizarre auditions started coming in including Elew, a pianist who seemed strange but he could definitely play. I don’t think I have ever seen that much energy in anyone playing the piano and I guess he was not strange, just excited. He played a rock guitar tune with the piano and was a huge hit – needless to say he was sent to Vegas.

As the New York auditions wore down, we met Landau, who couldn’t stop laughing when he saw Howie, and was immediately told by Piers to take out his chewing gum while performing. Landau’s rendition of “Under My Skin” was completely amazing – we did not expect that sound to come out of this man. The judges loved him and he was sent through to Vegas! That wraps up tonight’s auditions, be sure to tune in next week for more!

What do you think of America’s Got Talent this season? Are you looking forward to this week’s auditions? Comment and share your thoughts with us below and then be sure to tune in to NBC tomorrow at 9 pm EST to see more auditions!

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