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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Dirty Little Secrets From The Top 20

June 22, 2011 07:10 PM by Lisa Princ

So You Think You Can Dance is back tonight with the top 20 performing once again after last week’s shocking results. Keep reading for all of the highlights from tonight’s episode…

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off the top 20 performances with the introduction of guest judge Debbie Reynolds, followed by a quick glimpse of Debbie in her youth. Then Cat let us know that aside from the routines we would also learn an embarrassing tidbit about each of the dancers!

Ricky and Ryan
Ryan and Ricky started off the show tonight and Ricky informed us that Ryan’s leg hair grows really fast – um, did we need to know that? Then Ryan informed us that Ricky’s real name is actually Roderick! Then it was on to their sultry, Jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore to “Addicted To Love” in which they were spot on and super sexy! The judges loved them as Nigel called it raunchy and said the sexual tension was noticeable, like it is between he and Mary! Mary said she was addicted to the two of them and Debbie commended them also.

Caitlyn and Mitchell
Mitchell revealed to us that Caitlyn’s feet turn blue from her boots, while she told us how much he loves his Zebra print Snuggie! This pair, who did not perform last week due to Mitchell’s injury would be attempting a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine about the emotions of ending a relationship. This performance was beautiful and this pair worked out well together, despite an accidental punch at the end of the performance! The judges had nothing but praise as Mary said the chemistry was amazing and Debbie thought it was a beautiful and dramatic performance. Nigel said it was a remarkable piece and went on to add that this portrayed dance being the language of the soul perfectly.

Missy and Wadi
Missy revealed that Wadi had his chest waxed while Wadi said that Missy stops during her laughs and he couldn’t help mocking her (in fun). This couple was doing a Jean Marc Genereux Cha Cha which worried both of them as neither had much Cha Cha experience. They certainly didn’t look like they had never done it before as they had some great footwork to Kesha’s “Cannibal”. The judges had some mixed reviews as Debbie said they “chewed up” the Cha Cha. Nigel, however was not crazy about Wadi’s performance but he loved Missy’s. Lastly Mary said the start was spectacular but Wadi fell short once the routine started but called Missy the “Cha Cha queen”.

Iveta and Nick
We learned that Iveta talks to herself when she looks in the mirror and that Nick is addicted to shorts and Iveta told him he has chicken legs. Iveta and Nick would be performing a Bollywood number by Nakul Dev Mahajan that he promised would be as fast as lightning. The routine was definitely fast and entertaining – they pulled it off perfectly. Nigel said the routine was really good, but it was not as strong as past Bollywood routines, but most of those were done in the top 10. Mary said she it was super entertaining and that Iveta really shined while Debbie said it was terrific.

Miranda and Robert
Tonight we learned that Robert still thinks he is a pro wrestler while Robert said Miranda has a crush on Tadd – could there be a showmance in the works? This week these two would be choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon who gave them a “coming of age” type story in their routine. They incorporated a woodpecker concept into this routine and it was great despite a small tumble by Miranda, who picked herself right back up and carried on. The judges loved them and Mary called it great while Debbie was mesmerized by them calling them the best woodpeckers ever. Nigel said Miranda shocked him being so good while and Robert put his money where his mouth is.

Jess and Clarice
Jess told us that Clarice sleeps with her eyes open while Clarice showed us some stick figures that Jess draws and loves. Stacey Tookey was back for this routine, a contemporary love story in which Jess looked like he struggled with lifts during the rehearsals. The performance was beautiful and the lifts were done perfectly and the judges kicked off with Debbie telling them how wonderful they were and that she would be taking them home with Wadi. Nigel said he enjoyed part of it – he loved the worked they did separately but not together. Mary loved it and commented on how stunning Clarice and her legs were.

Jordan and Tadd
Jordan and Tadd were up next and Tadd informed us that Jordan is not the brightest crayon in the box, while Jordan revealed Tadd’s obsessive compulsive disorder and how he color coordinates all his clothes! These two would tackling a Viennese Waltz tonight choreographed by Jean Marc Genereux. The couple kicked the routine into gear with David Cook’s “Fade Into Me” and Jordan looked stunning in a beautiful evening gown. The routine was romantic and very well done and the judges loved it with Nigel starting off saying it was beautiful and he was amazed at how well Tadd did. Mary called Tadd the biggest surprise of the season and said how proud she was of Jordan as well. Debbie compared them to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!

Marko and Melanie
Marko informed us that Melanie has a problem with people touching her ears, and Melanie informed us that Marko likes to read romance novels. This cute pair would be performing a Jazz routine by Mandy Moore. They looked adorable and danced even better than they looked. The crowd and the judges loved them as Mary said she never worries about this team and how Melanie really shined tonight. Debbie called them both great musical stars and Nigel agreed with that despite the fact that he never predicts stars this early.

Sasha and Alexander
Alexander started off by telling us that Sasha sweats like a man – another did we really need to know that moment! Sasha then informs us that Alex loves to look at himself in the mirror. This team paired up with Tabatha and Napoleon for a routine with the story about a soldier coming home and seeing his wife. This routine was a quick ad energetic routine and these two did a wonderful job tonight. Debbie was first up to comment and said their acting was great and that we all believed them. Mary teared up as she said this was a story very close to her life right and that Sasha’s soul brought it home for her. Nigel said they showed all the passion and emotions aside from dancing perfectly.

Ashley and Chris
So You Think You Can Dance closed the show tonight with Ashley and Chris and these two revealed their dirty little secrets first. It turns out that Chris has a creepy smile when he gets nervous and that Ashley thinks she has swag when she doesn’t. Spencer Liff was choreographing this routine and implemented the use of bars in it for a sexy routine. Chris apparently had no issues with sexy as he claimed that Ashley was sexy, but Ashley couldn’t look at him without laughing. The routine was cute with the use of the bar as “jail” and the judges loved it and Nigel started by saying how wonderful the routine was. Mary called it hot enough to board the “hot tamale train” while Debbie said they made it famous and she loved it!

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