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American Idol: Jennifer Lopez’s Expensive Potty Training Mishap

June 24, 2011 11:00 AM by Lisa Princ

Apparently, a wardrobe malfunction is not the only issue that American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has been dealing with lately. In fact, Jennifer Lopez is also dealing with potty training her twins. Recently, we learned that the star had to deal with a huge and expensive potty training mishap. What happened? Read on for more…

On a recent visit to the Tonight Show, Jennifer Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony revealed that the couple’s 3 year old son Max has been using the family pool as his personal potty, and it cost the couple – big time!
Anthony told Jay Leno: “He had an accident in the pool. It got into the filtration system and they charged us to clean it. That was expensive. He took a $6,000 dump in the pool!”

Wow, that sure is one expensive potty mishap! Most of us moms can relate to what Jennifer and Marc are dealing with, but without the huge price tag. Marc went on to share that while Jennifer “thought” the twins were doing well in their potty training, the little tikes had their mommy fooled – don’t they all do that to us at one point or another?

According to Anthony, the couple ran out of lollipops that they were using to reward the kids for going on the potty, and when they realized they weren’t getting the treats the mishap happened. This is exactly why “experts” say not to reward your children for doing something that they should be doing anyway – unfortunately, this was a very expensive lesson for Jennifer Lopez and her husband.

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