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Food Network Star Recap: Cooking For The Stars

June 26, 2011 08:28 PM by Megan Thompson


It’s a star-studded episode of Food Network Star tonight. Food Network stars Melissa d’Arabian, Michael Symon and Paula Deen stop by to help mentor and critique the contestants. Plus, the chefs must cook to impress the cast of Cougar Town! Keep reading to find out who impressed Courtney Cox and which chef was sent home!

Camera Challenge:

Melissa d’Arabian, former Food Network Star winner, welcomes the contestants to their next camera challenge.  The challenge facing the chefs – they must create a sophisticated, bite-size, hors d’oeuvre using a Kellogg’s product.  Contestants will have 45 minutes to prepare the dish for a surprise guest.  The chefs lift the lids off their plates, which unveils the Kellogg ingredient they now must use in a dish. Everything from Rice-Krispies, Cheez-Its, Corn Flakes and Eggo Waffles will be used as a main ingredient in the dishes.

Time has run out and the chefs are ready to meet the surprise guest and judge, which is Iron Chef Michael Symon! Contestants present their dishes on camera and to the judges. The top chefs in the camera challenge are Chris Nirschel and Jyll Everman, but Jyll is named the ultimate winner. On the bottom are Justin Balmes and Jeff Mauro for their lack of personality on camera. 

Star Challenge:

Making lunch for the cast and crew of Cougar Town is the star challenge for the week. The contestants must create a dish inspired by the five different groups that work on the show; art department, crew, writers, vanities (hair and make-up) and cast.  

The chefs are broken down into the following teams:  

Team Art: Justin Balmes, Jeff Mauro

Team Crew: Penny Davidi, Mary Beth Albright

Team Writers: Chris Nirschel, Orchid Paulmeier

Team Cast: Whitney Chen, Susie Jimenez, Justin Davis  

Teams Vanities: Jyll Everman, Vic Moea

Penny is not happy working with Mary Beth, so this duo should be interesting.  “I can’t stand to work with someone who is so square,” snipes Penny.

It’s off to the store to go shopping, where the chefs run around like maniacs looking for ingredients.  Back in the kitchen, the teams get down to business.  Orchid is working on her dish, but her main job is keeping her partner Chris calm in the kitchen.  Penny pretends to play nice with Mary Beth, but in the one-on-one interview slams her personality and cooking.  Just when time is running out in the kitchen, another star, Ms. Paula Deen walks in and surprises the chefs! Who doesn’t love Paula Deen?   

It’s off to the set of Cougar Town and the contestants are awestruck by their surroundings. Bobby Flay and Paula Deen walk around and give advice to each team. The cast of Cougar Town, including Courtney Cox, is seated at the table with the judges and the selection committee. Each team must now present their dish to this head table. 

Team Writers is up first. For once, Orchid stumbles in the presentation because of all the stars at the judging table.  Chris is able to step up and save the presentation. The judges notice Chris’ improvements this week. 

Team Art is second to present their dishes. Jeff is nervous about serving Paula Deen tofu, but he succeeds in cooking a good dish!  One again, Justin B’s food is good, but his presentation fails to impress.  

Now, it’s Whitney, Susie and Justin with Team Cast.  The judges are disappointed with Justin’s food and presentation once again.  Susie received high-marks for her food, but Whitney doesn’t impress.

Jyll and Vic are up next with Team Vanities. The cast loves Vic’s hearty vegetarian food, while Jyll’s salad doesn’t live up to the judges expectations. 

Last is Team Crew, with frenemies Mary Beth and Penny. The judges love Mary Beth’s panko breading meatloaf and her spirited presentation.  Her team member, Penny receives harsh criticism for her burnt mac-and-cheese. 

The judges feel there is no clear winning team, so the chefs will be judged as individuals. The judges pick a winner from each of the five teams; Jeff, Orchid, Mary Beth, Susie and Vic are announced as the winners.  The top five are excited, but have no clue out of the bottom six chefs remaining who will be eliminated.

Jyll and Chris are immediately announced as safe, so that leaves Whitney, Justin B, Penny and Justin D.  The judges are completely frustrated with Justin B, because they feel he isn’t listening to their recommendations.  Penny is “forgettable” this week, but the judges still feel she has the fight in her to become a star. On the other hand, Whitney doesn’t seem to have any spark in her to win this competition.  The judges feel that Justin D. has just given up on himself and therefore the competition.  In a surprise ending, Justin B. is eliminated!  Justin B. seems shocked by the judge’s decision too! Justin definitely had the cooking chops, but he just couldn’t bring out his personality!   

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  1. Barbara Griffin Says:
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    I so want a copy of Mary Beth Albright’s recipe for Meat Loaf. Anyway to get that??? PLEASE

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    Here it is: http://www.marybethalbright.com/recipes/the-meatloaf-recipe/


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