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Platinum Hit Recap: With Love Comes Insanity

June 27, 2011 09:08 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on Bravo‘s Platinum Hit we watched as the song writers had to tackle Rap and some extreme emotions came out. This week, they had to take on love songs, but love doesn’t always bring out the best in people. In fact, in some it brings some insanity along with it. Read on for highlights from tonight’s episode!

Tonight on Platinum Hit the song writers were put to the test of writing love songs and joining the panel tonight was Ryan Tedder, the lead singer of the group One Republic. The hook challenge definitely put some real emotions on the line as Jess made her hook all about her feelings for Johnny, which made some question her sanity – such as Nick, the resident “douche-bag”.

Of course Nick had to add his two cents about how “Johnny picked the ugliest girl in the competition” – wait a minute, wasn’t that Jackie to him last week? But despite Nick’s hard shell, he did tell a tale about the girl who broke his heart which lead to his hook. Others such as Sonyae and Brian took a more unique approach with their tunes.

When it was time for the judges to choose the best hooks, Jess scored third place with hers and Nick scored second. But it was Sonyae whose unique lyrics about love to life which grabbed the judges attention and earned the New Jersey girl the top spot tonight.

For winning the challenge, Sonyae got to choose not only her entire team, but both other teams as well. Sonyae chose Brian and Scotty as her team and decided to give Nick Jackie, knowing how much he despised Jackie. But she also gave Nick Johnny as well, just to break up the lovebirds, leaving a disappointed Jess with Melissa.

Sonyae definitely had the strongest team tonight as you could tell just watching their session. Scotty was on the harmony and Brian was adding lyrics ad rocking the guitar. Johnny, Nick and Jackie didn’t fare too bad, except for the fact that Nick was getting annoyed by Jackie’s constant chattering.

Jess however, had her hands full tonight. We all have seen how lazy and nonchalant Melissa is, but tonight took the cake – in fact, I think she is just a bit insane. Jess did all of the songwriting, all of the collaboration, everything while dealing with an illness. Not once during their session did Melissa offer to take over or contribute anything, it was quite sad.

The performances were rocking tonight, it was tight between Nick and Sonyae’s team in my opinion and the judges announced before the performances that one person from the winning team would get immunity next week. The judges loved both Nick and Sonyae’s songs, but Sonyae’s team won in the end with her unique lyrics. Sonyae was given immunity since the lyrics were mostly her idea – so next week she has immunity.

That meant that Jess and Melissa were in the bottom and when confronted, Melissa could not believe it. When Jewel asked her what lyrics she wrote, she just kept avoiding the question and said she didn’t like Jess’s lyrics. When Kara asked why she didn’t say something to Jess, she snapped back at Kara telling her not to give her an attitude…again, can we say insane?

Finally, Jewel revealed that Melissa would be leaving this week and she refused to accept that either, claiming it was wrong. But her tirade did not end there as she would not even go into the room to say goodbye to anyone. I guess love songs bring out the insanity in some folks – good riddance to a lazy writer, glad some of the dead weight is leaving the show finally!

What do you think of Platinum Hit? Comment below and share your thoughts with us and remember Platinum Hit is not on next week due to the Holiday, but be sure to tune in the following week for a new episode! You can get the songs you heard on the show on Bravo’s website!

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