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The Bachelorette Recap: Anger Erupts Over Ashley’s Confession

June 27, 2011 07:03 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on ABC, episode six of The Bachelorette opens with a rehash of Bentley Williams leaving Ashley Hebert.  This week, Ashley and her eight remaining bachelors will visit Hong Kong for two one-on-one dates and a group date. Keep reading for all of the highlights from episode six, including what happens when Ashley learns that Bentley has flown halfway across the world to see her…

The guys are checking into their hotel room as Chris Harrison knocks on the door of Ashley Hebert’s suite. Chris tells The Bachelorette that they reached out to Bentley on her behalf and he has agreed to talk to her. Ashley is floored when he says Bentley is there in the hotel in Hong Kong. Chris advises her to push him for details and not to let him be vague.

Ashley makes her way to Bentley’s room to get answers. He greets her with a hug and a brief kiss. They sit down. He says he would have called but that seemed too easy. She tells him she has regrets from the last place they were at – she had a really hard time after he left. Ashley broaches the subject of needing to know if it’s done for good. Bentley continues his spiel by reminding her he told her to come to Salt Lake City after the show if it didn’t work out with the other guys.  She probes further. He says that fact that he’s at home doesn’t look good for them. She asks him to be a man and put a period there.  Bentley tells her with where she’s at, and the process and all that, they should call it a period. Ashley asks why he came then, and says he should have just called. She leaves the room upset and saying in-camera that he’s a player.

After, Ashley feels fresh and liberated as she looks forward to her dates. At their suite, the guys receive the one-on-one date card – it’s for Lucas and says, “Let’s find our good fortune on the streets of Hong Kong.”

‘Big Tex’ prepares for his date. Ashley takes him to Kowloon, which is all lit up at night. They watch dancers in costume and fireworks. They stroll through the market hand-in-hand and stop to try some different foods. As they walk by the water, she tells him they’re going for a sail in the harbor to look at the night skyline. On board they have their dinner and chat. Lucas shares how difficult his divorce was with her. Ashley tells Lucas she can imagine everyday life with him and gives him the rose. He kisses her.

Back at the suite, Ryan worries about getting a one-on-one since he’s been on five group dates. The group date card arrives – everyone is included but JP, who obviously will get the second one-on-one date.

On the group date, Ashley assembles the guys on a beach and tells them they’re splitting up into teams and competing in dragon boat races. She adds a twist – they have to recruit people to paddle with them – they have one hour.  Each of the pairs are able to get some people together to help.  Constantine and Ben F elect to buy themselves some flashy red kimonos and feel empowered.  Mickey and Ames’ team wins. Nearby on the beach they hear cheering – somebody is getting engaged!

During the after-party, Ames takes Ashley into an elevator and kisses her at length.  They end up on the roof and take in the breath-taking view. Later, Ashley is on the roof with Ben F, who is dressed like Mr. Rogers, but gets his kisses in regardless. While Ryan gets some alone time, the other guys pass the time ragging on how annoying he can be – they’re all ready for her to see Ryan for who he really is. Ashley gives Ryan the rose which really deflates the others.

Meanwhile, JP gets his one-on-one date card which says, “Let’s take a peek into our future.”

Ashley is very excited to have her date with JP and they have dinner in the Zodiac Park in Kowloon.  When she asks what he thinks they might be doing a month from now, he jokes it could have something to do with getting down on one knee. She admires his confidence. He says it feels ‘meant to be’.  Ashley and JP get in depth about feelings.  She decides to tell him about Bentley’s return.  She tells JP she feels very strongly for him and doesn’t want him to look back and wonder why she wasn’t honest. He appreciates her honesty and is glad she got her closure. They kiss and she gives him the rose. They ride the tram and JP is more attached than ever, saying things are perfect. On a rooftop they do a lot more kissing.

At the cocktail party, Ashley happily greets the group of guys.  Feeling confidant after how well JP took the Bentley news, she decides to tell the others.  She tells them how Bentley strung her along when he left, and then drops the bomb that he came to Hong Kong.  Her revelation about getting closure is met with silence. Lucas says this is weird to him – they are putting a lot on the line. The others are shocked that she openly admits to having fallen for Bentley early on.  Ashley excuses herself. Speculation runs rampant once she’s gone.

Ryan goes to speak with Ashley and says he’s fine with it. He notes that some of the guys are very upset.  Ames remarks to Ashley that we’d all like our fairy tales to be simple, but sometimes they’re not – and that’s why it’s beautiful. Blake tells Ashley that he thinks the Bentley news belittles the time that he’s spent there – he wonders if she even cares. She cries and he hugs her.  Mickey is quite upset and says he feels like she lied to them. He’s questioning why he’s even there and doesn’t understand what she saw in Bentley.  He challenges her to send him home and she turns it around on him. He walks out. Ashley returns to the group and tearfully thanks them for sticking around. The guys soften considerably when faced with waterworks.

As the guys continue to process the idea of Bentley coming all the way to Hong Kong, JP tells them that she told him last night.  At first they call him a sandbagger, but he quickly points out that it wasn’t his place to tell them, and they wouldn’t have said anything either.

Ashley sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him how upset she is about hurting the guys.  She feels that she isn’t doing a good job of letting them know that she cares about them.  In-camera, Ashley says her biggest fear was that the guys would reject her and now she’s feeling more insecure than ever.

Rose Ceremony

Lucas, Ryan, and JP already have roses. Ashley offers roses to Ben, Constantine, and Ames. Blake is sent home. Ashley tells the remaining six that they will be heading to Taiwan!

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3 Responses to “The Bachelorette Recap: Anger Erupts Over Ashley’s Confession”

  1. monie Says:
    June 28th, 2011 at 6:46 am

    is it me or do you think she is so stupid? what a loser – i am sorry but if you air your laundry in public you are open to this kind of stuff. there is nothing in her that i can relate to or be sympathic. her self esteem is so low i truely feel sorry for her in a way. she is an exhibitionist and will make money off this publicity and go on dancing with the stars but then be prepared that people won’t like her

  2. M Bon Says:
    June 28th, 2011 at 11:09 am

    The guy who left last night(Mickey?)should be the next Bachelor.Obviously he’s hurt & he’s there for the right reason.Lucas should have left as well & left the rose.Ashley deserves Bentley.

  3. jon shann Says:
    July 4th, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    So now we are in july 4th week and we get the thrill of watching last weeks show over again, whats with this watching the Bentley crap was enough last week dont need it again put it to rest. A boring movie would be better veiwing the Ashley and Bentley crying crap, Get with ABC YOU LOST A VEIWER TONIGHT…


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