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The Glee Project: Interview With Eliminated Contestant Emily

June 27, 2011 02:26 PM by Veronica Dudo

Oxygen’s new reality TV competition, The Glee Project is searching for the next guest character for FOX’s hit series Glee. In last night’s episode, Dot-Marie Jones was the guest mentor and another contender was sent home. We talked to eliminated contestant Emily about her time on the show and her future aspirations!

The topic this week was “vulnerability” which casting director Robert Ulrich said was using your own weakness to make your performances better. For their homework assignment, the remaining participants performed “Please Don’t Leave Me” for Ulrich and Dot-Marie Jones, who plays Coach Shannon Beastie on Glee. After their performances, Jones selected Matheus as the winner.

Guest mentor Jones announced that the project to work on this week was to sing and record a music video to the song, “Mad World” which is about teenage alienation. The concept was for the participants to pick a name that suits what they’re vulnerable about. Damian’s word was “Numb,” Alex’s was “Gay,” Marissa’s was “Anorexic,” Hannah’s was “Fat” McKynleigh’s was “Black or White” Samuel’s was “Rejected” Emily’s was “Used” Lindsay’s was “Fake,” Matheus’ was “Small,” and Cameron’s was “Misunderstood.”

The mentors chose Emily, Damian and Cameron to have the chance to perform last chance performances. The songs selected were “Are You Lonesome Tonight” by Elvis for Damian; “Grenade” by Bruno Mars for Emily and “Your Song” by Elton John for Cameron. Emily came out next and gave a riveting performance and the mentors gave her praise. Murphy even said he has wanted to do the song, “Grenade” on Glee and wasn’t sure how to do it but after watching her performance he now knows how he would do it. After the last chance performances the mentors selected Emily to go home–which was a chock to everyone!

22 year old Emily has been performing for 11 year both in off-Broadway shows and in Las Vegas. She attended the LaGuardia High School–New York City’s “Fame” school–and she prides herself on her elite training. Fans have quickly been introduced to Emily’s feisty and flirty personality. We caught up with the singer to talk about her time on The Glee Project and her future.

How was your overall experience on The Glee Project?
I had an amazing experience I can’t believe that I got to work with all the behind-the-scene real people from Glee. It was amazing–I learned so much. I feel totally blessed by it and I’ve met wonderful, wonderful people.

What was the most memorable thing you experienced?
I would say, especially with this last episode healing. This was a very powerful episode for me. It’s my beginning process and it makes me definitely a stronger person.

How hard was it to be vulnerable in this week’s challenge and to open up about your word “used?”
It was super hard. I honestly was excited at first because I was like ok here’s a chance to show a different side but I realized that this is everything to me and I had to be honest, not only did I have to be honest for myself but I feel like young artists especially females need to just be careful and aware and it was kind of like a warning. I just want to let people know it’s not all about the glitz and glam. It was really hard admitting it to myself and the world and hard for my family. It hurts a little but it’s the beginning of the healing process and I’m proud of myself for doing it and I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to show what I got on the show, what it takes.

Would you have any advice for young girls who are starting out in the business?
There’s a lot of great people in the business but there’s also a lot of sharks. I would say, make sure to talk to whoever you feel is a parent figure, make sure they know what’s going on and be very careful. Have your eyes open the whole time. But for me, everything makes me stronger and that will never happen again.

Did your personality clash with Lindsay?
I didn’t like her honestly in the beginning while I was there. I felt like we’re both very strong personalities so yes, I said things in my confessional but that’s me time. I pretty much tried to stay away from her. I got along with everybody else and for me if I don’t like someone I just stay away from the person but she’s harmless (laughs).

Now that you left the competition, who would you like to see win?
My best friends that I got along with the best are Alex and Marissa and then Matheus and Hannah so either one of those they’re awesome people they’re my besties there.

After receiving praise from Ryan Murphy for your last-chance performance then seeing that you were on the not-called back how were you feeling?
I couldn’t believe he said that! I still can’t believe he said that. I honestly just went in there and basically do what got me here and show I’m going to perform the song, I’m not just going to sing the song, and I’m telling a story. So, I didn’t worry about my voice and him digging it–I’m so happy like, wow that’s the best thing I ever could have dreamed for him to say and it hurt when I saw the call back list and my name was on the Not-Called Back (laughs) but I understand where he’s coming from and I respect him. I know he wants to see more from Cameron and Damian and that awesome. I feel like I did well and feel that I did the best that I can do; I went in there fighting and that’s all I could do, so I respect his decision but it hurt a little bit, not gonna lie.

Are you working on any upcoming projects?
Yes, I’m working with this guy and his name is Mack and he produced “Damaged” from Danity Kane; it was like number one on pop charts like a year or so ago and I’m coming out with my new single probably tomorrow on iTunes called, “Slow Motion” and it’s a really fun pop song and that’s the beginning of a whole new direction for me. I want to be a huge pop-star and I want to go recording artist route so I’m really excited for the release of my single.

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