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Ashely Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week: Lip Locking With Bentley

June 28, 2011 04:52 AM by Kristin Watson

Where do we even begin with this week’s edition of Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week? How about when she walked into Bentley Williams’ Hong Kong hotel room and went straight for some lip locking? Don’t think for a moment we’d skip over that. Read on to see what other antics The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert provided us with this week.

We’ve come to expect some questionable actions from The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert, but with the return of Bentley Williams in Hong Kong this week, they were all in the first ten minutes. Here’s this week’s edition of Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week: Lip Locking With Bentley.

First of all, Chris Harrison gave Ashley Hebert the keys to the kingdom when he told her Bentley Williams’ hotel room number. She waisted no time knocking on his door and he wasted no time acting like an idiot. Here’s where we began to cringe.

The moment Bentley Williams opened the door, Ashley was a in a trance. She even went in for a hello kiss and coyly wiped off his lips with her hand. Okay, let’s put this into perspective. The man left her with a broken heart and she’s confused about their future. Plus, she still isn’t sure if all the dirt she’s heard is true, yet the first thing she does is kiss him? She should have been getting her answers first and locking lips later. That was dumb moment number one.

The next dumb moment was the giant game of ping pong and Ashley’s obsession with Bentley’s, “dot, dot, dot” comment. Okay, we get it. It left you wondering if there was a future, but no one uses the term, “dot, dot, dot.”  That should have been the first sign he was a player. During the whole back and forth game of “I feel” this and “you feel” that, Bentley kept signaling for Ashley to move on but she was too hopeful to get it. Finally, it took adding a period to the end of their relationship for her to get it.

This was the dumbest moment of the whole exchange in our opinion. Ashley Hebert flipped out and asked him why he flew all that way just to end things. That if he respected her he wouldn’t have never said, “dot, dot, dot.”

She was so upset that he didn’t just pick up a phone and end things. We thought that’s what she wanted this whole time — face-to-face closure! We just don’t get it!

Taking the, “dot, dot, dot” away from her finally woke her up, but we still have to ask: Did she really think he was coming there to rejoin the show? Come on, he lied and said he was going home to be with his daughter. Even with her believing that, did she really think he’d be leaving his kid for a second time? So, would it have been okay for him to be there had he wanted to be with her?

She did redeem herself when she looked at the camera and said, “If you’re watching this Bentley, (expletive) you!” Better late than never.

So many questions come with this week’s edition of Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelrotte Moment Of The Week: Lip Locking With Bentley, that now we need closure. What a mess.

Tell us what you think of The Bachelorette’s quick return and exit of Bentley Williams. How do you think Ashley Hebert handled her meeting with Bentley Williams in Hong Kong. Was it as confusing for you as it was for us?

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