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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Nigel Lythgoe Kisses Mary Murphy As The Top Sixteen Heat Up The Stage!

June 29, 2011 07:26 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week, four dancers were eliminated on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, and tonight the top 16 took the stage as Kristin Chenoweth and Lil C joined the panel. So how did the top 16 do? And even more importantly, which routine made Nigel Lythgoe plant a big wet one on Mary Murphy? Read on for more…

This week on So You Think You Can Dance was back tonight with Cat Deeley, who was sporting a hot new hairdo, filling us in that the top 16 would be performing group routines tonight as well. The first group kicked off with a routine by Tice Diorio.

Sasha and Alexander
Sasha and Alexander took on a routine by Dee Caspary which was a love story about love lost. What a beautiful routine, centered around a piano, almost had this viewer in tears! Nigel said Alex needed to work on the emotions more, while Mary loved it and thought they pulled it off. Kristin said they were both amazing and Lil C loved it, calling Sasha “eight notches above perfection”.

Caitlyn and Mitchell
This pair would be taking on a Jean Marc Genereux Samba tonight. They were definitely hot, hot, hot! Cat told Caitlyn was she was “bootylicious” and the judges loved them with Mary calling it spectacular and called them “hot tamales”. Kristin loved it and Lil C loved the hip movements telling them they murdered it. Nigel closed saying that Mitchell’s strengths have been exposed this week as he called them terrific.

Miranda and Robert
Miranda and Robert hit the stage with a Tice Diorio Broadway routine, where Miranda plays a working girl and Robert plays an upper class music lover. This routine was fun to watch and Kristin was up first since she is the Broadway expert and she told them they killed it as she gushed that she was not as good as any of them. Lil C said Miranda left him in awe, while Robert had a treasured personality. Nigel loved them as well as Mary did saying they were so great together.

Melanie and Marko
This duo took on a lyrical Hip Hop by Tabatha and Napoleon about a pair of friends who realize they are actually falling in love. Melanie and Marko put on a showstopper performance tonight to “I Got You” by Leona Lewis. Lil C started by saying they were a power couple. Nigel loved it and Mary said it was a knockout performance – and then Nigel attacked her with a kiss…maybe to shut her up? Kristin said she wanted to be in their play and then she bent over and kissed Lil C.

Ashley and Chris
Much to their dismay, Ashley and Chris were doing a Jazz routine by Sonya which was meant to be creepy – but could these two possibly be creepy? It was a strange one for sure and the judges had mixed reviews as Nigel thought they chose the wrong music while Mary liked it. Kristin referred to herself as the “Paula Abdul” of So You Think You Can Dance while Lil C called Ashley the sleeper cell of the competition.

Clarice and Jess
Jess and Clarice were up next with a Foxtrot by Gene Marc Genereux.
Jess struggled a bit with his hand placement, but could he pull it off on the stage? Jess had no problem on stage and this pair pulled it off perfectly! Mary said it was sophisticated and beautiful while Kristin said it was her favorite performance of the night. Lil C loved it as did Nigel.

Ryan and Ricky
Ryan and Ricky would be working with Sonya tonight on a contemporary routine based on an ending love story. This was a very emotional number and they pulled it off beautifully. The judges loved it as Kristin started off telling them they were beautiful. Lil C thought it was murdered and called them a power couple. Nigel said he was proud that they kept Ryan last week and he could not take his eyes off Ricky. Mary loved it and gushed about how great Sonya was as well.

Jordan and Tadd
This pair would be taking on a Hip Hop routine by Tabatha and Napoleon about a drunken one night stand. They pulled it off perfectly in one of the hottest routines of the night! Lil C started off by saying that he loved it but they needed to use their entire body movements more. Nigel comically said the routine brought back so many memories and called it great fun as he guaranteed they would not be going home this week. Mary said they put the whammy on us and Kristin told them to “shut the door” as she referred to it as dessert.

Closing the show was the second group performance tonight of a Dee Caspary routine. Remember to vote for your favorites so they won’t be sent packing tomorrow night!

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    Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease: You are the best of the best in regard to dance. Is it possible to instruct the audience to “hold the applause/shouting” until after each performance? It is so distracting and it detracts from the Class of SYTYCD.


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