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Expedition Impossible Recap: Wild Horses and Kayaks!

June 30, 2011 07:40 PM by Megan Thompson


There are 12 teams left in tonight’s episode of Expedition Impossible.   The teams go on quite an adventure, tackling wild horses and kayaks.  Find out who conquered the challenges and which team was defeated and sent home.  

Stage 2 of the Competition:

The teams will be traveling to Kasbah in stage two of the competition. It’s a half mile hike on foot then the teams will  ride stallions for the remaining seven miles – this should be good!   

Since team Gypsies came in first last week, they are the first to depart.  Gypsies feel they will remain ahead in this game due to their extensive travels.  The remaining teams are released on the journey and they are not far behind. 

It’s horse time or maybe bull riding?  Not sure what these “horses” actually are, but they look wild! These horses are no joke!  Poor Mackenzie, from Team Kansas, cries the whole time.  Team No Limits is worried about their blind team member, Erik, galloping on these horses.  The Country Boys make a big move on the horses and join the lead teams.  Team California Girls looks completely out of place on the horses, which leaves them trailing in last place.  

Check-Point #1:

The Gypsies arrive first at the check-point, with the Country Boys not far behind.  Teams must now search the Kasbah to find buckets to get water from the local reservoir.  Teams will use the buckets to fill an urn, which when full, will release their next clue.  The trick in this challenge is that the larger buckets have holes in them, while the smaller buckets don’t have any holes.  Team No Limits arrives at the check-point and in their rush to complete the challenge they leave Erik, who is blind, all by himself!  Poor Jeff feels horrible for leaving Erik saying, “I must check my individual expectation as the door, I can only go as fast as my brother can go, who is right next to me.”  At the water challenge, The Gypsies, Country Boys, No Limits, Football Players and Team Kansas are battling out for the lead.  Country Boys are the first to fill their urn and take first place.

Magoon River:

Now the teams must travel to the Magoon River. When the teams reach the river, they must inflate a kayak and trek four miles down the treacherous rapids.  The Country Boys have a tough time maneuvering the rapids and the Gypsies easily recapture the lead on the river.  Teams are falling out of the kayaks, losing paddles and just plain struggling!  Mom’s Army is struggling on the river and the California girls catch up and pass them, leaving Mom’s Army in last place.

Check-Point #2:

Teams must now head to the village where they need to find a map. They will then search through dozens of lamps until they find the one that illuminates the direction to the final check-in point.  Teams learn the Old Bridge is the place they must go to.  Teams Kansas and California Girls work together on this challenge in the hopes to leave Mom’s Army in last place.  The Firemen and Mom’s Army reach the second check-point last. 

Old Bridge Check-In:

The Gypsies and Country Boys are headed first to the final check-in. The check-in point is hidden behind the large walls, but the Gypsies easily find it. The Gypsies place first again, while the Country Boys come in second. Team No Limits comes in third place.  There are three teams left in the desert fighting for the final two spots – Team Firemen, The Cops and Mom’s Army.  Unfortunately, it was not a good day for Mom’s Army and they are the team going home. 

Below is the breakdown of the teams and how they finished in the second leg of the race. 

The Gypsies:  John Post ,Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach 

The Country Boys: Nicholas Coughlin, Jason Cronin, Chad Robinson 

No Limits: Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans Aaron “Ike” Isaacson 

The Football Players: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Robert Ortiz, Ricky Sharpe

Fab 3: Ryan Allen Carrillo, Kari Gibson, AJ Gibson 

The Fishermen: Gus Sanfilippo, Nino Sanfilippo, Joe Sanfilippo

Team Kansas:  Lindsey Haymond, Kelsey Fuller, Mackenzie Fuller

Grandpa’s Warriors: Dick Smith, Steven Smith, Samantha Smith-Gibbs

California Girls: Christina Chin, Brittany Smith,Natalie Smith

New York Firemen: Kevin Coursey, Rob Keiley, Mike Egan 

The Cops: Robert Robillard, Dani Henderson, James Vaglica 

Mom’s Army: Ellie Vanderbeck, Ruthie Vanderbeck, Abbie Vanderbeck  

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Let us know, comment below!

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  1. Wow Says:
    June 30th, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    I’m from Cali and the california girls sucked! What a bunch of wusses

    And fab 3 are idiots


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