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The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Simon Says

June 30, 2011 08:30 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City, the ladies are getting fed up with Simon Van Kempen’s “realness,” which usually comes in the form of some harsh words either in person, or online. So what happens when they finally confront Alex McCord about her husband’s behavior? Find out after the jump!
After the dueling Sweet Sixteen parties, Ramona Singer, Kelly Bensimon, and Alex McCord meet up and Ramona tells the ladies her plan to throw Sonja Morgan a surprise birthday party, which you’d think they’d know since they’re there to meet with the event planner and check out the venue.

Not surprisingly, the party will also be for Ramona, whose birthday is also coming up.

Cindy Barshop is working and partying hard at a promotional event for one of her new products. Jill Zarin, Lu Ann de Lesseps, Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord, and Kelly Bensimon all show up to support the new Housewife. Boy, do they get around!

Out of nowhere, Simon approaches Jill.

Jill takes Kelly’s advice and tells him that she doesn’t think it’s appropriate (and it’s beyond weird) for them to meet for lunch, telling him that she and Alex are in a good place, and that’s all that really matters. Simon isn’t too happy with that though, and tells her to “Watch out.”

What does that mean?

Kelly later approaches Simon, telling him that it’s not right for him to talk to Jill that way and to make her so uncomfortable. Simon gets defensive, which unleashes the beast in Alex, who immediately tells Simon that they should leave. After agreeing that Kelly is a “waste of space” the two head home.

Meanwhile, at Lady Morgan’s…

A Blackberry in the toilet would definitely ruin the house’s Feng Shui. Hopefully she didn’t have to pay for that!

Jill Zarin is also doing some work around the house, but she’s called in the Countess and Kelly to help her out. While Lu Ann and some random lady with Ramona’s hair paint, Jill and Kelly talk about Simon’s “threat” and the cyber bullying he’s been engaging in, which Kelly thinks is beyond “weird” and “odd.”

In Brooklyn….

Simon and Alex discuss the issue with Jill, with Alex telling him that she would never be angry with him for what he’s said to someone — especially Jill — noting that the main reason she made up with Jill was because of him. Simon asks if that’s being hypocritical and “Jill Zarin – like” to stop being friends with someone just because someone else is (yes, yes it is), but Alex argues that there’s a big difference.

At Ramona & Sonja’s party, Ramona yells at everyone to get in a perfect line, but when Kelly walks in with the other birthday girl, it’s a tad awkward when everyone just stares at her instead of — you know — yelling surprise.

Rather than that, Ramona instructs Sonja to take off her jacket, then tells her that she’s like a sister to her and that the party is also for her. Just what everyone going through bankruptcy wants — a secondhand party!

In all fairness, Ramona gave Sonja a great gift — all of the guests donated to her favorite charity, the ASPCA. And for Sonja, secondhand or not, it was the first party anyone had ever thrown for her, which got her (and us) and little teary-eyed.

But of course, it’s not a Housewives party without the drama.

Jill Zarin and Ramona happen to be near one another and Jill tells Ramona that everything turned out beautifully. Still sore about not being invited to her focus group, Ramona takes the opportunity to tell Jill how she should have handled things. Jill blames everything on her partner, but then tells Ramona that she’s right, and that in the future, she’ll do things differently. That went a little better than we thought.

As a surprise, Ramona and Mario take Sonja into a special room to show her a slideshow of pictures of them when they got married and her on her wedding day. Um… Not sure if that was the best idea, but Sonja seemed to enjoy it.

Later, Cindy Barshop and her parents head out for lunch. Cindy makes an attempt to make things easier and take just one of her twins with her (who is absolutely ADORABLE), but as it turns out, 1 isn’t as easy as she thought, and Cindy ends up calling one of her employees to come pick up her daughter before they’ve even placed their orders.

In another part of town, Kelly Bensimon meets up with Alex McCord for a chat about Simon.

What do you think…. Whose behavior is more “weird” — Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, or Jill Zarin?

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Simon Says”

  1. Chris Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    The whole show has become “wierd”–Kelly’s favorite (and only word). Jill is led around like a puppet by LuAnn (the classless) and Kelly the idiot. I did think it was sweet of Ramona to throw that party for Sonja. Ramona may not always word things properly, but she has a huge heart. Alex gets told off at every sit down lunch/brunch she’s been to! Why does she sit and take that from either LuAnn or Kellly?? It’s odd, Alex has found her voice, but doesn’t choose to use it when it could help her the most. That whole Cyberbully stuff with Zarin…I don’t know. I don’t tweet, so I can’t comment. I can say she (Zarin) has very thin skin and cries like a baby when her “fans” are exposed to negative things about her. I saw that “I HATE JILL ZARIN” webiste once and thought it was way over the top with anger and outrageous and that says a ton-b/c I can’t stand the woman! More of the same, getting old and older by the minute Bravo! Make some changes or I think this show will tank soon. It’s time….

  2. CHR Says:
    July 3rd, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Simon should not have brought it up at the time that he did. These people have a bad habit of bringing things up in the middle of parties, events, etc.. Wait till you get home or take it outside! It can still be filmed, it can still make good television!

    He also should not have told Jill to “Watch Out.” He is a good-natured guy, no one besides Jill, Kelly and Luann doubt it and everyone in America knows he is harmless, but saying such a cryptic thing clearly set Jill off. Nevertheless, I still like Simon.

    The second most irritating thing was how much Kelly got involved. On a side note, these are my feelings: I can say without hesitation that Kelly is mentally unstable. Bethenny said it right when she publicly stated that she had seen signs in Kelly’s behavior, or rather warnings, of Kelly’s instability. That girl is not grounded. Her deep rooted psychosis and fears and anxieties manifest themselves in the WEIRDEST and most DESTRUCTIVE ways. I pray for her. with that being said (it felt good to get it off my chest!), why, pray tell, was she so damn involved in the whole thing? Why did no one call her out on it? This was between Jill and Simon, not between Simon and Kelly. And please kelly, stop saying “who ARE you?” and “that’s WEIRD” in an irritating, snotty voice. You are not a teenager, you are an adult.

    The FIRST most irritating thing had to be the confrontation between Alex and Kelly. Kelly does this with EVERYONE- invites them to coffee or to talk, attacks them, gets overheated and flustered, then tells the other person to “calm” down and to stop talking about the thing Kelly started talking about in the first place! Kelly, you’re concerned about Alex? Don’t be. you should be concerned about YOURSELF. the rest of America is.

    I personally love Alex. I have grown to like her and she handled that extreme irritating situation rather well. there is no reason why Simon’s off-time behavior (but certainly not weird behavior, in fact it was funny and should have been taken with a grain of salt!) should have turned the rest of the housewives against Alex. No, they are wrong. it was not her responsibility to “reign” him in. He is an adult and knows what he is doing. Any beef they have with him is only with him, not with her.

    In the end, all these women are pathetic. Bethenny was a fantastic woman who saw the women for who they were and realized that staying on the show would hurt her more than help her and got out. If only Alex would realize the same thing sooner! she would follow in the tradition of the only truly worthy housewife.


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