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Fear Factor And Joe Rogan Return To Creep Us Out

July 01, 2011 12:05 PM by Kristin Watson

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Joe Rogan make people squirm on Fear Factor, but all that’s about to change as he gets set to return to the show that famously gave us the creeps.

Be prepared for the return of worms and tarantulas, people. NBC has revealed its plans for the return of Fear Factor and the show’s host, Joe Rogan. Come on, would it really be the same without Joe Rogan?

“It doesn’t seem real. It seems like some sort of bizarro dream world. But I’m looking forward to it. The idea of sitting at home and watching someone else host it would have driven me crazy,” Rogan told TV Guide.

Okay, we have to admit, we were a little worried that with the time that has passed, it might be hard to revive Fear Factor. Joe Rogan, however, has eased our minds. He plans to not mess with his hosting formula. ”What I brought to Fear Factor the first time I hope to bring to it again — a background in competitive athletics along with being a standup comedian. This show is tailor-made for me,” he said. That just makes us want to watch this video!

As for the upgrade in stunts over the years, the show’s executive producer, Matt Kunitz, said, ”The stunt world has evolved significantly in the last seven years, since we taped the last show. Technically stunts now are so much better at what we can do — much bigger falls, much faster falls, bigger explosions, faster car stunts, bigger flips — we want to take it to the next level.”

Oh, how exciting! Maybe we’ll get to see people eating bugs in 3D!

Fear Factor is on track to make its return as early as September but you never know if that will change to some time in 2012. At this time, the revival consists of plans for eight episodes with plans for some celebrity fun thrown in.

Okay, let’s talk about this. What celebrities would you like to see on Fear Factor this time around? We vote for the entire Kardashian clan!

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