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Food Network Star Recap: Food and Fireworks

July 03, 2011 07:45 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s all about the fourth of July on tonight’s episode of Food Network Star.  Guy Fieri stops by and the contestants cook holiday inspired food.  Plus, fireworks fly between Jyll Everman and Penny Davidi!  Keep reading to find out what you missed last night and whose time at the Food Network has come to an end.

The show starts off with Whitney doubting herself and talking to her mother for some advice.  Next the cast is off to the camera challenge. 

Camera Challenge:

Guy Fieri pulls up in a flashy convertible and welcomes the contestants to their next challenge.  The chefs are excited when Fieri tells them they are hosting their own episode of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!  The classic Mel’s diner is the venue where the chefs will film.  The chefs are broken down into teams; each team will film different segments of the show.   Here are the teams:

Show Open: Vic Moea and Susie Jimenez  

Chef Interview: Whitney Chen and Chris Nirschel

Interview with waitress:  Jeff and Penny Davidi

Owner of Mel’s: Orchid Paulmeier and Mary Beth Albright

Show Close:  Jyll Everman and Justin Davis

Most of the chefs are nervous on camera and it definitely shows.  After the filming, there are no clips shown and no winner is announced.  It’s just directly to the star challenge!

Star Challenge: 

The chefs must cook for an event that will celebrate America and the fourth of July.  The chefs are assigned a classic holiday food, which they must re-create and put their own twist on. 

Vic: Lobster Rolls  

Penny: Sausage and Peppers

Jeff: Beer and pretzels

Jyll:  Carne asada   

Whitney:  Hot dogs and beans

Justin- Hamburger

Susie: Ribs and coleslaw

Chris: Shrimp and corn

Orchid: Brisket  

Mary Beth: BBQ chicken

After the cooking portion is done the contestants head to the house.  Penny and Jyll have a frank conversation about Penny’s attitude and personality in the game.  Penny feels she is taking the “heat” in the house and she is “done with it.” 

The next morning the contestants drive to the saddle ranch to set-up for the fourth of July inspired event.  Guy Fieri welcomes the finalists to the food festival and tells them about a twist in the competition…..uh-oh!  The chefs are not only cooking for the 150 guests, but they are the entertainment as well!  Each chef has three minutes to present their dish to the audience. 


Chris is the guinea pig, as he is up first.  He has a lot of energy, almost too much, and he doesn’t notice his time has run out.  Chris’s presentation abruptly ends, without him conveying his dish. 

Jyll is up next with her Mexican dish.  The judges feel she is artificial and doesn’t relate to the audience.

Susie talks about her family and how important the fourth of July is to her.  The judging panel feels she did a great job and really connected to the audience.

Jeff brings his guitar on stage and rocks the introduction.  Bob Tuschman thought he was quite memorable.

Orchid is nervous about going after Jeff.  Orchid cannot figure out how to relate to the audience.  Bobby didn’t feel that she entertained the crowd enough.

Vic appears on stage in a red wig and brings a great presentation.  The judges feel he nailed the challenge. 

Penny the middle-eastern mama is up.  Penny tries to rile up the crowd and they don’t respond.  The judging panel notices that the audience doesn’t warm up to Penny.

Whitney is up next up with her hot dogs.  Bobby finally is impressed with Whitney’s sassiness. 

Justin D. is up and he has a new accent.  The panel doesn’t even recognize the “character” Justin is playing.  

Mary Beth comes out in a red boa and wants to know..”who wants to party like it’s 1776?” Mary Beth puts on a comedic performance and the judges are impressed! 

After the presentations the contestants must go to their booths to cook for the guests and the judges.  The judges really enjoy Whitney’s food, especially her baked bean pies.  Vic’s elegant version of lobster rolls blows the judges away.  Orchid is nervous about presenting her brisket to the judges.  The judges feel her dish was not seasoned enough. Jyll sells herself short in the judges’ presentation; by saying she wasn’t confident in her dish. The judges are not impressed with Justin’s burgers or his multi-personalities.  Penny’s food impresses the judges, but her presentation doesn’t.  Chris does an “okay” job with his shrimp.  Mary Beth’s chicken doesn’t meet the grilling master, Bobby Flay’s expectations.   Susie’s dish was a knock-out with the judges.  Jeff’s chicken sandwich is a winner with the judges as well. 


During the evaluation Penny and Jyll have a throw-down about Penny’s aggressive behavior.  Penny feels overwhelmed by the house and no one really comes to her defense, she definitely seems like the outcast. 

Vic, Susie and Jeff are named the top three in the challenge. The judges vote unanimously that Susie is the winner for the week.   

Jyll, Justin and Orchid are in the bottom three.  The judges are frustrated with Jyll and are nervous about her food chops.  The panel again focuses on how they don’t know the true Justin.  The judges just don’t know if Orchid has what it takes to be a star, because she hasn’t improved in five weeks.  Jyll is announced safe first and Orchid is also safe, which leaves Justin.  Justin is the chef eliminated this week and he says, ‘he isn’t shocked.” 

Tune in next week to see the contestants tackle food trucks! 

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