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America’s Got Talent Recap: Vegas Bound!

July 05, 2011 08:00 PM by Candace Young

All of the America’s Got Talent performers have been put on notice tonight by judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan that they need to do their very best if they hope to advance. Tension runs high as the acts compete to move forward as the Vegas rounds begin. Keep reading for the highlights…

Over 100 acts have arrived in Las Vegas to perform on America’s Got Talent beginning tonight.  The show opens with the judges announcing that some of the acts will not get to perform in Vegas.  Piers asks a handful of acts to stand and tells them they are going home now – because they’ve decided to send them straight through to the Hollywood rounds!  Sharon tells the remaining acts there are thirty spots left, and the judges’ favorites will perform tonight – the rest are on stand-by and will perform tomorrow night.

First up on stage is Charles Peachock, who begins by juggling fire and then sets his legs on fire. The judges seem impressed. Kevin Shelly is next in the danger round – he karate chops fiery concrete slabs and stands on swords while having concrete broken over his back – except one slab doesn’t break.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team perform on their bicycles and the judges are wowed.  Finally, comes an act in which Frank Miles falls on styrofoam coolers – one of which contains a 15 inch bowie knife. The judges flinch as they must choose the coolers he falls on. When he falls on the second last container, he uses a knife trick to make it look like he was stabbed. Sharon Osbourne seems disturbed.

Vocal groups are up next. 24 year-old twins, Mona Lisa, perform on pianos as they sing for the judges.  Female group, 4Play, who divided the judges in Seattle, perform after. They tell the judges that nerves got the best of them, prompting the judges to talk. Piers breaks the news that they need to go home now.

Acrobats will be the next category to perform.  A male/female duo on trapeze wow the judges and intimidate the competition, but the groups that follow also give it their all.  Steve Retchless, the male pole dancer, takes his shot, moving fluidly through his routine. The judges whisper about how he could be a headliner. Soleil, the female pole dancer, makes a tearful speech about making her parents proud before taking her turn.  Howie thinks Steve was better, but Piers prefers watching her do it.

The magicians go next. Fantastic Fig, who is 76 years-old is up first.  The other magicians look down on his card trick. Scott Alexander, who levitates, takes the stage next.  He performs an illusion that doesn’t seem to impress everyone. Michael Turco is up last. He manages to do two illusions, but has a glitch with a lock that sticks.

Animal acts, including a dog doing tricks, and Vegas Birds, have their turn. Piers argues that the macaw doesn’t actually paint a rose as claimed. The judges don’t seem thrilled.

Solo vocalists face the spotlight next. Necessary Diva once again impresses with her opera singing. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr is feeling the pressure backstage, but he needn’t have worried – they judges grin from ear-to-ear as he performs. Sharon is wowed by his tone. 42 year-old Cindy Chang, famous for her nerves in the auditions, is last in the category.  Although she was deemed brilliant in auditions, this time the judges find her ‘wobbly’ and they let her go.

There are a lot of bands to perform tonight – more than ever before according to Nick Cannon. Among the highlights are The Lost Boys, The BGP,  an acoustical group from Georgia, and the youngest act in the category, Hot Light.

The dance acts are lead by groups, including one that has a member, Lucia, with ankle issues, but who dances impressively anyway. Snap Boogie, from New York, does his thing, and truly gets the judges attention. Fatally Unique, who had one member get injured in practice, takes the stage last.

Female singers hit the stage next, including Justin Bieber lookalike, Dani Shay. The judges are stunned to hear she’s taking the risk of doing an original tune.  Unfortunately, Dani’s nerves grind her performance to a halt to the disappointment of all. The judges call her back out and ask her to sing a song they all know. She heads backstage to come up with a song.

The comedians now face the task of performing to an empty stadium. Howie sympathizes with them, saying you can’t do comedy alone. They all give it their best shot, but all find it very difficult.  Geechee Dan seems to impress the judges the most.

Dani Shay returns to the stage to perform a cover she learned in just a couple of hours. She sings beautifully, but the judges debate whether giving her another chance was fair.

The Novelty acts prepare backstage. Some of the other performers mutter about them being weirdos. Among the highlights are a guy covered in ping pong paddles, a Tina Turner transvestite singing act who doesn’t have the vocals, and a group of dancing gnomes called Those Funny Little People. Howie takes their picture with Piers afterward. The judges have to don safety glasses for Tim Ford‘s kinetic act.

The male singers are ready to go despite nerves. Ryan Andreas follows the first two performers – he’s not happy with his effort.

Finally, it’s elimination time. The judges deliberate category-by-category. Necessary Diva, Fantastic Fig, and Michael Turco are among the acts leaving, along with numerous bands. Fatally Unique goes through for the dance category, and Those Funny Little People and Tim Ford go forward from Novelty.  Geechee Guy, Snap Boogie, Steve Retchless, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr, three acrobatic acts, and Dani Shay are among the other lucky acts going to Hollywood.

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent Recap: Vegas Bound!”

  1. Grace Thurman Says:
    July 5th, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    What in the world is wrong with Howie and Sharon? They just vote anyone on who have no talent. I wouldn’t pay a dime to see some of the ones they have pushed on to Vegas! AGT needs to get some new judges with Pierce Morgan! This is a show about talent who can hold the interest of a Vegas audiance. Howie is ridiculous.


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