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Masterchef Recap: The Top 13 Competitors Must Cook Without Recipes

July 05, 2011 07:42 PM by Veronica Dudo

The remaining 13 chefs face another challenge in this week’s episode of Masterchef. Back in the kitchen, the chefs gather to find out what they will have to whip up for judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich. Keep reading to find out which chefs made the cut!Gordon tells the final 13 that it’s time for a Mystery Box Challenge and to carefully take-off the lid of the box that is sitting in-front of each of them. When they lift it, the chefs find vegetables. The judges explain that the chefs will have to make vegetarian dishes for this challenge and it has to be something a restaurant would serve as a main dish.

The judges said that Christian Collins’ dish was a major disappointment! Christian stuck up for his creation but took it a little too far and got into a heated verbal exchange with Gordon. The judges then selected three stunning dishes that really stood out by Jennifer Behm; Adrien Nieto and Alejandra Schrader. The winner of the Mystery Box Challenge is Jennifer who now has a huge advantage–she is in control of the elimination test.

America’s first Masterchef, Whitney Miller recently wrote a cookbook with Southern-inspired dishes, called, “Modern Hospitality” and Jennifer will taste three of Whitney’s recipes. After tasting all three, Jennifer must chose which dish she and the other contestants will re-create. Jennifer decides on the Crispy Catfish dish which has 29 ingredients. The judges tell the other contestants that they will be making Whitney’s Crispy Catfish dish without having a recipe to follow! However, Jennifer is given a basket with all 29 ingredients while the other chefs do taste tests themselves–trying Whitney’s dish and then figuring out what it is they’re tasting. All of the chefs except Jennifer will have one, five minute trip into the pantry to get everything they need. If someone misses just one ingredient it could ultimately be what sends them home.

The hour begins for the chefs to get started. Some struggle with the ingredients while others aren’t sure how to cook the catfish. In addition to the dish tasting like Whitney’s, the competitors must also position the food exactly how Whitney did on the plate. Time is up and the chefs must stop.

Alejandra couldn’t identify an ingredient and thought it was garlic and added it, Gordon told her she ruined the dish; Derrick Prince’s coating wouldn’t stay on the catfish and the slaw wasn’t good; and Adrien forgot to place the food on the dish the same way that Whitney did.¬† After tasting all of the dishes, Gordon said there were two people who really nailed it: Christian and Ben Starr. The¬†three cooks selected in the bottom three: Adrien, Jennie Kelley and Alejandra. But in the end, Jennie was sent home.

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