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Flipping Out Recap: Season Premiere!

July 06, 2011 09:43 PM by Shayla Perry

Jeff Lewis, Jenni Pulos, and Zoila Chavez are all back for another season of Bravo‘s Flipping Out! Find out everything you missed in the show’s season premiere after the jump.

They’re baaack! Last season was pretty rough for Jeff Lewis and his crew, with the slumping economy turning Jeff into a not so “fun gay,” demanding a lot more from everyone in his office, and threatening cuts at every turn.

Now, he’s ready to start anew with his old house now sold, and having moved into a smaller rental home that allows him to keep his eye on Zoila. Needless to say, Zoila’s not to happy about that, but it’ll definitely make for some entertaining TV this season.

The other change, Trace Lehnhoff is now right by Jeff’s side. Not because he loves being around him, but so Jeff can be sure that he’s working on business and not online talking to his friends on company time.

That leaves Sarah Berkman setting up shop at the dining room table. Sarah’s been learning the ropes, getting a lot more responsibility this season, but Jeff’s still not ready to give her the Project Manager title she’s been looking for.

And then there’s Jenni Pulos…. Jenni’s no longer there for the day-t0-day, and is spending a lot of her time pursuing her own interests, which Jeff is okay with, but he doesn’t like having that not having her around all the time means that Jenni’s also working at a slower pace than everyone else — except for Zoila, that is.

Perhaps the biggest change this season is that Jeff is no longer flipping houses, he’s actually a full-fledged interior designer. Right now, he’s working on a few different design projects: Marlo’s house, Fuller, Durand, Spring Oak, Cole, and Chaz Dean’s Salon in NYC.

So there’s still lots to do. To help out with all of the projects is Gage Edward, who also happens to be Jeff’s partner.

This dynamic should be interesting to watch!

Everyone else at the office seems to love Gage too, and though he’s in his twenties, while Jeff’s well in his 40s, they appear to even each other out.

Before he heads to San Francisco for his speaking engagement, Jeff wants to be sure that Sarah is up to date on everything going on with all of the projects. Already, his “smaller projects” aren’t going as fast as they need to, which costs more money, and doesn’t make for very happy clients, so it’ll be up to Sarah to stay on top of the contractors to make sure that things get done — and fast! But can Sarah be “the bitch” that Jeff wants and needs her to be?

It’s time for Jeff, Gage, and Jenni to leave for San Francisco, and no one is more excited than Zoila. Though, Jenni is really liking the private jet they’re on.

First on their agenda is a cocktail party with some of the designers. Jeff thought that it was going to be an intimate affair, but there were a lot more people, and lots of cameras, so there was a lot of working the room to be done. But things get really awkward when Jeff runs into one of the sponsors who paid for his hotel room and finds out that it was their event that he had Gage cancel. Oops!

Jeff is completely embarrassed and slightly pissed that the woman chose that moment to talk to him about this mishap. Gage walks up and gets filled in on the issue, but takes total responsibility for everything (we like him already). He tries to diffuse the situation and apologize, but it doesn’t look like an apology is what they were looking for.

Meanwhile, Sarah is working her magic with the contractors, trying to prove that killing ‘em with kindness is just as effective as the hard line that Jeff takes. But after getting yelled at by Marlo, Sarah goes to Zoila for some advice — quick advice, so she doesn’t interrupt her telenovelas.

It’s almost time for Jeff to hit the stage for his speech, but he’s super nervous; especially since it’s in his contract that if he curses, he has to forgo his pay. Initially, he stumbles quite a bit through the interview, but he eases into things when the subject turns to his hair, and his staff.

When asked what his employees say behind his back, Jeff decides to bring Jenni up on the stage. Oh boy! Surprisingly, Jenni takes the gesture as a sign of Jeff’s trust in her and has nothing but positive things to say about her longtime friend.

During the meet & greet afterward, Gage runs into the woman from the night before and again apologizes for the slip up with the canceled event, and she accepts, so all in all, it was a success — and Jeff made it through without cursing.

When they get back into town, the entire crew gets together for a meal and Jeff makes a big announcement — that he wants to adopt Zoila. LOL! The 60+ year-old daughter he’s always wanted.

At Marlo’s house for the first time since returning from San Francisco, Jeff is not happy with the little progress that’s been made, and he blames Sarah for not pushing the contractors hard enough.

He tries to help her develop an alter-ego — “Dawn” — to bring out her inner bitch, but when “Dawn” calls the contractor, somehow, Sarah ends up getting on the phone and backing down.

FINALLY, Jeff makes sure that everything get’s done at Marlo’s so they can start the install and get the house looking amazing before presenting it to her.

With that project done, there’s time for a little fun.

But the games don’t last for long.

Jeff’s still really concerned about Sarah’s inability to do the things he needs her to do. He talks to Gage about his problem, and Gage agrees that it’s possible that Sarah needs to be replaced. Will she make it through the season?

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