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Love In The Wild Recap: Tied Together Than Torn Apart

July 06, 2011 08:36 PM by Megan Thompson


The remaining nine couples share another amazing adventure on tonight’s episode of Love In The Wild.  Find out who gets jealous, who stays together and which couple leaves the jungle for good!

The couples are ready for their next adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica.  Below is a list of the teams/couples for tonight’s adventure:

Samantha Woods and Mike Spiro 

Brandee Dillehay and Benjamin Hooker

Heather and Miles Haefner

Peter Paris and Jessica Soares

Theresa Trujillo and Skip Sullivan

Jessica Soares and Derek Leach

Erica Scherle and Jason Jackson

Vanessa Guerrero and Steele Dewald

Kym Nguyen and Adam Rose

The Adventure:

Now that the couples are newly paired, another adventure awaits them.  This week the couples are sent out into the wilderness tied together and they must gather six tether markers along the path.  The contestants are trekking over rickety bridges and caves filled with bats to gather these tethers.  Miles is supportive of Heather when she hesitates crossing the bridge.  Meanwhile, Peter and Jessica fight as he antagonizes her by bouncing on the bridge.  Steele and Vanessa are not getting along during their tether journey.  Erica is so frustrated with her partner, Jason, that she tells him to shut-up!  Placing first in the race and heading to the Oasis for a night away are Kym and Adam. Derek and Jessica try to beat out Steele and Vanessa, but end up coming in last place. 

The Aftermath of the Adventure:

Kym and Adam enter the Oasis and it’s definitely very beautiful and romantic.  Kym thinks there is a “slight chance” that something romantically could happened between the two of them.   Meanwhile back with the other confessants, there is drama for some and romance for others.  Jason is very angry at Erica for yelling at him and telling him to shut-up during the race.  The couple decides it is best if they spend some time alone, so Erica moves out of their bungalow.  Then we see Miles surprises his partner, Heather, with a romantic picnic to show that he is interested in her. Heather definitely appreciates Miles’ kind gesture.

Back at the Oasis Kym and Adam start talking and find out they have little in common.  Adam wants kids, but Kym doesn’t.  Adam likes cats, Heather hates cats.  Kym is seeing their differences, but Adam still holds out hope for their relationship. 

Steele is done with clingy Vanessa and it shows.  Steele finally admits to Vanessa that he will “move on” at the next ceremony.  Vanessa is crushed by his honesty and leaves in tears.  Vanessa finally ventures out and talks with Peter, in hopes that he will choose her for the next adventure.  Samantha and Mike are still smitten with each other and look like they have been together for years already!

Kym and Adam get up the next day and go on their romantic date, which is a helicopter and a lunch.  Kym is annoyed with Adam, but he just doesn’t get it!   Kym is honest with Adam and tells him that she is interested in Steele.  Adam tells her “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone.”   I guess we will have to wait and see if Kym comes crawling back to Adam. 

The Couple’s Choice Ceremony: 

The contestants primp for the night’s couple’s choice ceremony.  Adam is excited because he can choose first, since he was the winner of the adventure.  Whoever Adam chooses – they can’t refuse – which is the reward for being the winner of the challenge. 

Adam and Kym are up first.  We know Kym wants out, so it is no surprise Kym wants to switch partners.  Kym chooses Steele and he is “ecstatic!”  Adam chooses Heather for his partner, and Miles is not happy his partner is stolen.  Jessica and Peter are next to make their decisions.  Jessica and Peter both want out of the partnership.  Jessica asks Derek to be her partner and he accepts!  Peter invites Erica to be his partner, but she says no!  Therefore Derek is left without a partner for now.  Brandy and Ben are the next couple up and they decide to stay together.  Theresa and Skip also decide to stay together.  Samantha and Mike are up next and of course, they decide to stay together.  Erica and Jason are next to the platform.  Erica takes the chance to ask Miles and he says yes!  Jason is left and has two ladies to choose from, Vanessa or Jessica.  Jason decides to ask Jessica to stay and she accepts!  This leaves Vanessa and Peter as the outcasts tonight, so they will be going home.  Vanessa is crushed because she thought she had a plan with Peter.  Peter did’t follow the plan to pair up with Vanessa, so both are headed home.

Tune in next week as the drama heats up on Love In The Wild.  There is even trouble with the lovebirds Samantha and Mike!

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