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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top 14 Features The Domination Man and Quirky Zombies

July 06, 2011 06:57 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance seven couples strut their stuff for the audience and judges in hopes of continuing in the competition. Cat Deeley introduces the Top 14 and revs up the crowd before introducing the judges, including guest judge, Carmen Electra, Travis Wall, who is making his judging debut tonight, and regular judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy.  Read on for all the highlights from tonight’s episode…

The episode kicks off with the top seven guys doing a dance about the seven stages of grief – shock, anger, denial, guilt, bargaining, and acceptance.

Melanie and Marko are doing a jazz routine this week. The choreography centers on a Latin couple with feuding families performed to Americano by Lady Gaga.  The costumes are as edgy and sexy as the dancing. Travis calls it an amazing way to start the show, and tells Melanie she’s his favorite dancer in the competition by far! Carmen tells them they were passionate and she loved it. Mary says, “Wow!” She agrees they have the passion and were brilliant. She calls Marko ‘The Domination Man’.  Nigel notes that the technique matches the performance – they looked fantastic. He assures Marko he may not have been a fan a year ago, but he’s a fan now.

Sasha and Alexander are doing a hip hop routine tonight performed to To The Moon by Miguel. Although Alex had no ‘swag’ in practice, he tries to pull off the ‘young lovers’ themed dance live. Carmen says her eyes were on Sasha the whole time and she didn’t get the couple feel from them. Mary says it was lacking; she didn’t feel the connection between the two of them, and she didn’t connect with it. Nigel agrees that it felt like Hip Hop 101 – he didn’t feel the ‘swag’ from either of them. Travis is more optimistic, saying he liked it and Sasha did a better job than Alexander.

Jordan and Tadd are performing a smooth waltz. Jordan seduces Tadd with her singing and then kills him.  The routine is performed to Nocturne by Secret Garden.  It’s a beautiful, flowing waltz, which Mary characterizes as dreamy and romantic.  Nigel agrees that they performed the choreography really well. Travis also thought it was beautiful, but could have been slightly smoother.  Carmen compliments their extensions and says what they projected was beautiful.

Clarice and Jess are doing a contemporary dance to Light Through The Branches by Celeste Lear. Their moody, thoughtful interpretation of the choreography is gripping. Travis says they came alive and it’s his favorite routine they did all season.  He notes that the chemistry was honest – amazing job. Nigel is in total agreement – he loves the staccato, jerky movements that still conveys emotion. Carmen really believed their story and felt the anger and passion. Mary thinks the partnership has grown every week and says it was gorgeous.

Ashley and Chris are performing a salsa routine to Mambo Beat by Tito Puente. Chris looks less comfortable with the style than Ashley, but they have some fabulous partner moves.  Travis felt it started out hopeful, but notes the chemistry was slightly not there, it didn’t pop.  Carmen says salsa should be hot and on fire, but it felt like they were hesitating at times – it was okay. Mary says things were simmering, and Ashley was on fire at times, but they didn’t have the Latin swagger for the whole routine. Nigel noticed some great lifts that were terrific, but the freedom of salsa was lost a little bit.

Ryan and Ricky are doing a jazz routine depicting zombie-like characters set to Fashion by David Bowie.  Their punk costumes and jerky movements are effective. Carmen thinks the routine and energy rocked. Mary says it was hot – she likes a little quirky in her life.  Nigel agrees with Mary, saying the routine suited them both very well. Travis thinks they look great and notes they had his attention the entire time.

Caitlynn and Mitchell are performing to the song To Love You More by Celine Dion. It’s a sensual and powerful lyrical routine rich in chemistry and emotion.  The judges stand to applaud. Mary screams that it was her favorite number of the night. She tears up describing how beautiful it was, and complimenting Mitchell for dancing so well with an injury. Nigel says Mary is right; the emotion in the routine grabbed them all. He describes how the lifts flowed – the whole routine took his breath away. Travis agrees as well. He calls it unbelievable and congratulates them. Carmen tells them dance is to be out of yourself – more beautiful and powerful – she loved them.

To finish the night, the top seven girls perform a sexy jazz routine about seven girls trying to rid the world of men.  They wear black provocative costumes with garters. The dance is set to My Discarded Men by Eartha Kitt with Bronski Beat. It’s awesome. Cat wants to be in their gang.

Voting time! Results tomorrow night – right here!

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