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Expediton Impossible Recap: When Camels Attack

July 07, 2011 07:43 PM by Megan Thompson

Eleven teams remain in the race of their lives on tonight’s Expedition Impossible.  The camels, who don’t look friendly, return and it’s a grueling two day race through the desert.  There is crying, blood, and sisterly love in tonight’s episode.  Keep reading to find out what you missed in the Morocco desert!

Stage Three of the Competition:

The stage is set that this will be the most grueling leg of the race for the teams.  It’s so challenging, that it will take two days to complete.  The contestants must carry feed for over a mile, and then trade the feed for a camel. 

The Gypsies are the first to leave, since they were the winners.  The remaining contestants are released in the order they placed in the previous race.  The women are determined to not let another girl team be eliminated


The trek begins and all the teams carry the feed for the camels without much effort.  Gypsies remain in first place and receive their camels first.  As the remaining teams pick-up their camels, they realize these animals are no joke!  Growling camels? Yes, really! Several of the contestants get kicked by the camels. Basically all hell breaks loose, not even the “camel handlers” can gain control of these beasts.  The stubborn camels cause California Girls, Grandpa’s Warriors and New York Firemen to fall way behind.   Team Kansas has two members riding the camels and one member walking the camel.  When the one member, Lindsey, tries to re-adjust herself on the camel, the camel goes crazy!  Lindsey is bucked off the camel, like she is riding a bull, and then the camel proceeds to step on her.  Fortunately, Lindsey is not seriously hurt and she continues on with the race.


Next the teams must build a raft, out of barrels, and paddle out to an island.  The Country Boys quickly build their raft and are first out on the water.  Team No Limits is currently in fourth place as they approach the raft challenge.  How can you not be amazed by Erik who is running this race blind?  Team Football Players, in third place, are struggling to paddle against the wind and current. California Girls are just spinning their raft in circles, not making much ground.  The lead teams start to finish the raft portion of the journey, while Grandpa’s Warriors is far behind in last place. 

The Country Boys are first to arrive at the Kasbah checkpoint. Teams must now paddle another mile to shore.  Once the teams reach shore, they will have to trek another mile to a mandatory rest area.  Team Kansas is devastated by having to paddle another mile, they are going to have to dig deep to finish the day.  Team Grandpa’s Warriors catch up to the others by easily knocking out the raft challenge.

Overnight Checkpoint:

The Country Boys and The Gypsies are the first to arrive at the overnight checkpoint.  The Football Players and No Limits are right behind the lead teams. Team Kansas and California Girls are the last to check-in.  Poor Mackenzie, from Team Kansas, breaks down when she crosses the finish line. She is crying from exhaustion and pain because her heels are actually bleeding.  These girls from Kansas had a tough day, but they will not give up! By the way, overnight camp is no four star resort.  The tents look miserable!  The wind is kicking up the sand and blowing the tarps around.   

Day Two:

It’s elimination day! The teams are given a scroll and now must hike 3.5 miles to their next check-point. It’s an extremely windy day, so the weather will definitely play a factor in today’s race. The teams are released in the order they crossed the finish line last night.   

The teams can barely see in front of them, so most are relying on a GPS.  The Gypsies are in first place as they reach the first checkpoint.  The teams must now figure out they must use the scroll they were given to wrap around the wooden pole.  Once the scroll is wrapped around the pole, it gives the teams a combination to the lock.  Since the lead teams had to figure out the challenge, most teams catch up at the wooden poles.  However, the Fishermen are left scratching their heads at this challenge.  Team Fishermen cannot figure out the scroll, which leaves them in last place. 

Which Route To Take?

Now teams must run one mile to the next clue.  When the teams receive the next clue they must choose between two options.  Option number one is a shorter, but harder trek to the final check-in.  Option number two is a longer, but easier hike to the check-in.  The first several teams use the easier route.  Team Kansas and The Cops are the only two teams to choose the shorter route.  Team Cops blows by Team Kansas on the short route.  The Country Boys, The Gypsies, and The Football Players fight for the lead. 

Finish  The Race:

And once again, the Gypsies are the first to cross the finish line.  Team Kansas and Grandpa’s Warriors and the Fishermen are the three teams left fighting for the final two spots.  Team Kansas is relieved when they find out they are the ninth team to arrive. Those girls deserved a break today.  The Fishermen are next to arrive, which leaves Grandpa’s Warriors in last place.  Grandpa is proud of his team and plans to continue to live his life to the fullest.

Below is the breakdown of the teams and how they finished in the third leg of the race. 

The Gypsies:  John Post ,Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach 

No Limits: Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans Aaron “Ike” Isaacson 

The Country Boys: Nicholas Coughlin, Jason Cronin, Chad Robinson 

The Football Players: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Robert Ortiz, Ricky Sharpe

Fab 3: Ryan Allen Carrillo, Kari Gibson, AJ Gibson 

New York Firemen: Kevin Coursey, Rob Keiley, Mike Egan 

California Girls: Christina Chin, Brittany Smith,Natalie Smith

The Cops: Robert Robillard, Dani Henderson, James Vaglica 

Team Kansas:  Lindsey Haymond, Kelsey Fuller, Mackenzie Fuller

The Fishermen: Gus Sanfilippo, Nino Sanfilippo, Joe Sanfilippo

Grandpa’s Warriors: Dick Smith, Steven Smith, Samantha Smith-Gibbs 

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