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The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Burlesque!

July 07, 2011 08:56 PM by Shayla Perry

This week on an all new episode of Bravo‘s Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja Morgan is gearing up for another big party, which will include a burlesque performance. Here’s hopin’ for a night free of wardrobe malfunctions!

As if Avery wasn’t traumatized enough at her Sweet Sixteen, her mother and Sonja Morgan take her with them as they shop for outfits for Sonja’s burlesque party. Hopefully Ramona’s selling enough Ramona Singer Pinot to pay for her daughter’s therapy.

Jill Zarin and her pup are off to visit her daughter, Ally. The mom and daughter duo catch up over lunch, and Ally fills her mother in on some of the courses she’s taking, which seem to have a lot to do with sex. And of course, they partake in the traditional college student-parenting ritual of shopping.

The Countess, Lu Ann de Lesseps, is also spending some time with her daughter (we’re sensing the theme here), attempting to teach her how to drive in a parking lot that’s covered with snow and ice. That should go well.

Meanwhile, Ramona and Avery are out for a bit to eat, and Avery gets the ultimate teenage revenge by complaining that her mother is always on the phone when they’re out together and she just ends up sitting there with no one to talk to. Ramona tries to play it off, giving Avery a big hug (around her neck), but we know the real deal (well played Avery — well played). Avery then goes on to talk about the fact that she’s always home alone, and most of the time, she doesn’t even know where her parents are. Ramona calls it multi-tasking, but Avery calls it child neglect.

Never fear; Ramona’s come to lunch armed with a blue folder labeled “Avery,” as a symbol that she’ll be concentrating on her a lot more. Avery also came armed — with a paper she wrote about the person she’d looks up to most in life. Yes, you guessed it — her mother. Ramona is brought to tears after hearing her daughter read the paper aloud…in the middle of a restaurant…on camera. Sounds like Avery’s already taking after her mom.

On the other side of town, Sonja Morgan has once again called on Chris March to help her put together a costume for her burlesque party. Just a thought — but how is it that it would’ve sent a bad message for her to appear in Lu Ann’s video, but having yet another party where she’ll again be wearing minimal clothing is perfectly okay?

Later, Kelly “everything is weird” Bensimon and Lu Ann are meeting for drinks and chat a little about Kelly’s love life – or lack thereof. Lu Ann’s committed to helping Kelly find “the one,” and Kelly’s very open to her advice.

The next day, Lu Ann and Jill head to the studio and The Countess shares her new single with Jill, who is not only an expert in dentistry, but she also apparently knows how to make a hit record, and makes some suggestions.

It’s time for Sonja’s burlesque show and everyone’s there, except for Cindy Barshop, who hasn’t been in this episode at all (is it a bad sign that it’s hardly noticeable?). Simon has decided that it’s the perfect time to try to talk to Jill Zarin (hmm, sounds like someone is making an extra effort to create drama). After trying to avoid him, Jill finally says that she just wants to get things over with and agrees to talk — but with Bobby by her side (good call, Jill!). Alex comes by, sensing tension that isn’t there, but Jill quickly tells her that they’re not arguing, and she and Simon hug it out, promising to end the drama.

Once the show begins — wait… Cindy’s here! When did she pop in? Anyway, the show begins and Ramona’s husband, Mario, has trouble keeping his eyeballs in their sockets when the performer (who ends up stripping) takes the stage.

Next up, it’s Sonja, who manages to keep her clothes on throughout her performance, declaring that “they” can take her money, but they can’t take who she is.

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