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Big Brother 13 Recap: Cowsmic Journey To Eviction Nomination Ceremony

July 10, 2011 06:13 PM by Candace Young

Last week in the Big Brother 13 premiere, the eight house guests were told they would be partnering and playing the game with someone in the group. They then learned that three duos from past seasons would be joining them. It was Newbies vs Returners. Rachel became the first HOH of the season. Julie Chen also explained about the new Golden Key – anyone who survives eviction in the first four weeks in the house cannot be nominated before only ten are left in the house…

The Big Brother house residents digest what the Golden Key means for them. The Returners quickly begin to develop strategies. Dick and Daniele, the father/daughter duo who haven’t spoken in three years, say they know how to work together on the show.  Newbies Keith and Porsche discuss the situation, but Keith thinks it’s a bad idea to take on the all-stars. Rachel and Brendan have a pow-wow in the kitchen about the Golden Key.

Rachel calls everyone in to see her HOH room. Dick is the lone standout – he couldn’t care less. Everyone oohs and aahs over the place. After, Shelly tells the camera she did what she had to do – she listened to Rachel’s voice and kissed some HOH butt.

The returning all-stars, who number six against the eight newbies, talk about turning the newcomers against each other. They’re extremely confident.

Rachel and Brendan discuss her appearance.  He tells her she is beautiful and doesn’t need to alter her appearance artificially. She wonders if Cassi has botox or a nose job. Brendan tells her again that people that age don’t need to enhance their appearance and he doesn’t want her considering it.

Adam, Cassi, and Dominic hold an impromptu strategy meeting in the kitchen and later bring in Lawon and Keith. Dominic says they’re going to regulate the house.  Meanwhile, the all-stars have decided to bring Porsche over to help even out the numbers. Dick takes her aside and tells her they want her on board. Porsche is flattered and rolls over easily.  She takes her case to her partner, Keith, who tells her he’s on board. In camera, he calls her a fool for telling him she’s working with the other team. He goes back to Dominic and Cassi and fills them in. Dominic advises Keith to play along with her and keep canoodling.

Rachel comes out in a cow costume to announce the first Have or Have Not competition of the season – the losers will sleep in the most uncomfortable place in the Big Brother house and will be on slop and get no bacon.  The get into teams and head into the backyard.

The yard is done up with smoking craters and waterfalls. Rachel says the Cowsmic journey is about to begin. Each team, dressed in colored cow costumes, have to dive into the milk pond and soak up as much milk as possible and return to their team to get it squeezed out into jugs. The team with the least milk will be udder losers.

The blue team – Dick, Danielle, Jeff, and Jordan win by filling six jugs first and will be the Haves for the week. The green team finishes next, leaving the orange team of newbies as the Have Nots.  Their room looks like an asylum with padded walls and the bright fluorescent lights cannot be turned off.

The all-stars regroup and Dick proposes trying to get Adam on their side. Jeff is fine with that as long as it’s Dick doing the dirty work.  Dick basically gives Adam an ultimatum that they’ll look after him as long as he votes accordingly. In camera, Adam says he told the puppetmaster what he wanted to hear, but he’s going after him.

Shelly talks to Jeff and Jordan about her husband and child, saying she hopes their love story goes as well as hers.  Rachel then calls Jordan into the HOH room to discuss strategy. They agree that Adam is a ‘fan’ of all of them and will vote how they want him to, but Keith is dangerous.  Rachel muses that she’s nervous, however, about giving Porsche a three week Golden Key. Dick enters and assures them that Porsche is 100% down with whatever they want her to do.

Rachel, as HOH, has to choose the duo to nominate. She is determined not to make the mistakes she made last year by nominating emotionally. The ceremony begins. Brendan, as her partner, is safe. She pulls the first set of keys – Daniele and Dick are safe.  The second set of keys are Jordan and Jeff.  The third set of keys are Lowan and Kalia; they’re safe. Cassi and Shelly are safe as well. Adam and Dominic are also safe. Keith and Porsche are nominated for eviction.  Rachel says it was purely strategic and welcomes them to Big Brother.  Rachel thinks it will be good for Porsche to get the Golden Key and side with the veterans.

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