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Food Network Star: Interview with Eliminated Chef Orchid Paulmeier

July 11, 2011 06:37 PM by Megan Thompson

Orchid Paulmeier was eliminated from Food Network Star on Sunday. It was quite a shock, since Orchid was a favorite of both the judges and fans from early on in the competition. Where did this southern chef fall short? Keep reading to learn what Orchid has to say about her experience on the Food Network and the curse of being named the front runner.

Do you think the judges telling you “not to change anything” early on in the competition hindered your performance?

As  soon as they said I was the front runner I said, oh no don’t say that! Not the front runner status! If you have watched the past shows it ends up being a bum rap, it’s almost a curse. It was tough; I gave it my all at the beginning. It definitely hurt me because it was like what do I change from here?

Would you change anything about your experience on the show?

Yes! (Laughing) Canned Oysters! I would definitely change the canned oysters! That might have been the beginning of the end. That is one thing by far I would change right off the bat.

What was the highlight moment for you?

I think the highlight moment for me was obviously in the first show. It was two big wins in one show. The other one was the dessert challenge when they loved the pecan pie. Robert Irvine was on that show and he lives around this area and that was a huge compliment. It’s not something I make normally and I accomplished it, plus Bobby Flay liked it.

Who do you still keep in touch with from the show?

I’m still good friends with Jyll, Susie and Vic, even Chris!  Truly, I talk to at least one person from the show at least once a day.  Whether it’s via texting or facebooking, I have really been able to stay friends with a lot of people!  

How has the show helped your business, One Hot Mama?

To say it’s doubled it would be a low ball, it has been crazy!  The neat thing is we have created twenty new jobs since June.  It is so great for our area to put new jobs out there.  It has been huge!

What did you learn about yourself by competing on the show?  

I learned that my family and the support of my friends has been a huge factor in my success.  And when it was taken away from me, I realized I really need that support system.  By week five, I was really missing home.  I have three kids; my husband and I were high school sweethearts, so we have been in each other’s lives for a long time.  It really affected me, and I couldn’t believe it – I thought I was a lot stronger than this!  I really needed my family’s support around me! 

In your opinion, who is the best chef remaining?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jeff and Vic do. I got along with them well. I have seen Vic on food challenges, and things like that before, I knew coming in he was a contender. And Jeff, I just love his personality. I’m just interested to see how they do.

What’s next for you? Do you have any big plans?

Absolutely! I’m not going to let this momentum stop. It’s something Guy Fieri said to us too when we saw him, he said it’s up to you what’s going to happen to you for the next year. I’m just going to keep putting myself out there – until they put me on TV!

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2 Responses to “Food Network Star: Interview with Eliminated Chef Orchid Paulmeier”

  1. Rich Says:
    July 14th, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    I think orchid was let go too early. Com’on lobster
    And cheesecake? So she was kicked out based on food
    Or her personality?

  2. june carroll Says:
    July 16th, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Orchid was my favorite to win, I would have watched her show, unlike Penny who is the least favorite of all.


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