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Masterchef Recap: Celebrity Cocktail Party And Cake Elimination

July 11, 2011 08:02 PM by Lisa Princ

Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are back tonight on Fox‘s Masterchef as the remaining 12 chefs battle it out in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen. Tonight, they will have to cater a celebrity party, but who will face cake elimination? Read on for all the highlights!

Masterchef kicked off tonight as the 12 remaining chefs were greeted on top of the London in West Hollywood by Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich where they were filled in that they would be catering a celebrity cocktail party. The group would be broken up into 2 teams, and each team would have to create three appetizers consisting of a vegetable dish, a beef dish and a dessert.

But that was not all – the contestants would be cooking in Gordon Ramsay’s very own kitchen in his restaurant there! Since Ben and Christian had the best dishes last week, this pair were named the team captains and had the choice of their teammates. Ben chose all ladies for his team as he went with Suzy, Tracy, Jennifer, Esther and Christine. Christian went with more men claiming women bring too much drama as he chose Adrien, Alejandra, Giuseppe, Erryn and Derrick.

When it was time chose their menus, Gordon Ramsay had his concerns as both teams had similar menus although they didn’t know it. Both chose a gazpacho for their vegetable appetizer, while Ben’s team chose a beef wellington for their beef and Christian’s team chose a risky beef tartar. For dessert, both teams decided to go with a fruit tart which worried Gordon even more as he told them not to be afraid to rethink it.

Preparing the appetizers proved to be challenging for Ben’s team as they got criticism from the judges for putting too much pastry on their beef wellington and they struggled the entire time with dessert. Joe had concerns that Christian’s beef tartar would not go over well with the guests, but Derrick assured him they were going to cook it with a blowtorch before serving.

Giuseppe did wonderfully on his fruit tarts, but Esther struggled as she threw two batches of pastry dough in the trash. Gordon Ramsay had a fit when he saw the mess she was making in his kitchen and he ordered her not to be a piglet in his place. Finally, on her third attempt, Esther was able to master the pastry, but was stunned when Gordon took a taste of her filling and threw it out as it was separated.

In a last ditch effort, Ben’s team threw some fruit in a cup with whipped cream and passed it out for dessert. Gordon said it was the worst thing that had ever left his kitchen and that he felt like crying. But what really mattered is what the guests thought of it as the team who won more votes out of 2 of the three dishes would be safe from elimination this week.

As the party started, the guests and the judges tasted all three of each team’s appetizers. During the tasting we saw numerous celebrities from Tabatha Coffey to Emmanuel from Bravo’s Chef Academy. The celebrities seem to split on which dishes they preferred but there was a clear winner after the votes were tallied. The gazpacho that won was Christian’s team, while Ben’s team won an overwhelming 100% of the beef votes – guess Joe Bastianich knew what he was talking about. But in the end, Esther’s failed dessert lost the challenge for their team and they would be up for elimination.

This week’s elimination challenge would be a layered cake. Each contestant had 2 hours to create the best layer cake to wow the judges or face cake elimination! They all scrambled to get something together and the other five contestants were gossiping that Tracy was going to be the one to go home as she was not good with cakes…and she admitted it.

The big surprise was for the cake challenge came from Ben Starr, who wowed the judges with his pumpkin carrot cake. Ben said he was finally able to show them what he was all about. Gordon loved it so much he said Ben Starr had finally arrived, while Graham claimed his mouth was having an orgasm. Tracy, who everyone assumed would blow this challenge, impressed with her chiffon cake with basil as did Jennifer who created a banana split cake.

Then it was time for the bad cakes as Suzy overdid what could have been a simple and delicious ganache and pecan cake, leaving Joe telling her that it was gross. Esther’s lemon and raspberry cake was overly sweet and Gordon accused her of putting it together in a panic.
Lastly, was Christine, whose apricot and berry cake was boring and plain, but Christine was infuriated that she was even there to begin with since her beef dish took 100% of the votes earlier tonight.

Gordon decided to scare Christine into thinking she was going home, when he told her he was sure her son and father were proud of her, but then he sent her off to safety. With Suzy and Esther standing awaiting their fate, the judges informed Esther that her time on Masterchef had come to end, and we think they made the right decision! Best of luck to Esther and be sure to tune in next time for a brand new episode of Masterchef!

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