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McKynleigh Abraham Talks About Her Time On The Glee Project

July 11, 2011 03:20 PM by Veronica Dudo


The Glee Project said goodbye to another talented singer, sending McKynleigh Abraham home on last night’s episode, “Dance Ability.” Airing on the Oxygen network, The Glee Project follows 12 hopefuls through the singing and dancing competition rewarding the winner with their very own role on FOX’s hit TV show, Glee.

Eliminated contestant McKynleigh Abraham talks about her time on The Glee Project, dishes on fellow cast mates and reveals her plans for the future.

On your walk to the callback sheet last night, you said you struggled with the same thing all season, can you explain that?
In my mind, my struggle through the whole season connecting to the camera because that’s what the mentors kept telling me I was having problems with and it seemed like I hadn’t really gotten better at connecting with the camera, so it seemed like that was what I was struggle with the most.

Your last chance performance was amazing–did you feel after you performed that you had saved yourself from being eliminated?
I honestly didn’t feel like I had saved myself because I was in the bottom three with Alex and Matheus and they hadn’t been having any problems pretty much the whole time that they were there they were winning homework assignments and getting called first and all that and I felt like out of the two of them I was lagging behind the most and so I knew even if I did do a really did do a good job on my last chanceperformance I felt like they weren’t just going to take into account my performance, they were going to take into account the whole time thatI had been there compared to the other people that were in the bottom three. So, I was kind of in the mindset of I’m going to go out thereand do my best but if it doesn’t save me then at least I went out with a bang and if it does save me then that’s awesome. I was just kind of accepting whatever came.

If you could go back, is there anything you would do differently?
If I could go back, I would probably–I don’t know–maybe it was a difficult note that I kept that I was continuously given that I wasn’t connecting to the camera and that’s a difficult note because I’ve been doing stage performance for 16 years and I’ve never done anything on camera before and so I would probably just try harder and try harder to understand what they wanted from me instead of just taking it as an automatic defeat, which is unfortunately what I did I took it as a well there’s no way that I can fix what you want me to fix in a week and I think if I could go back, I would definitely strip down everything that could be the problem and try to figure out what it is and then try to fix what they wanted me to.

What was your favorite moment on the show?
My favorite moment on the show was probably living with all of the contenders. I only have a sister and I’m seven years apart from her so I missed that like living with people and getting that social level that I didn’t get when I was in high school so it was kind of like the high school I never had and the siblings that I never had and that were around my age and I thought that was a lot of fun and we all became really close and we all became really good friends even though it was a competition we were all kind of supporting each other along the way. We were definitely one big family–we would have conflicts and we would get over them and then we’d have fun and then we would have more conflicts but we all loved each other no matter what.   

What’s next for you in your career?
Well, I have a love for performing on stage and doing musical theater and stuff like that. I’ve been doing musical theater for 13 years and I really have a love for the live stage and live theater thing. I’m going to school next month, in the bachelor fine arts program for performing arts and that’s where I’ll be for the next three years just working on my performing and trying to get my career started and knowing the technicalities of everything and what I want to go into. I’m really focused on school right now but I’m not going to stop my singing career and performing–I want to get out there and this isn’t the end of the road for me–I’m sure I won’t let it be. I’m definitely going to pursue my career, right now I’m just focusing on school but I don’t know what the future’s going to bring. 

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