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The Bachelorette Recap: Tortured In Taiwan, Plus Emily Maynard’s Worst Nightmare!

July 11, 2011 06:59 PM by Candace Young

Tonight on The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert takes the remaining six bachelors to Taiwan and manages to stress the guys out again. She’ll go on three one-on-one dates and  a group date. This week we will also see the Emily Maynard tell-all interview as she sits down with host Chris Harrison to discuss her break up with Brad Womack…

Ashley Hebert greets the guys in Taipei, Taiwan this week on The Bachelorette . She is anticipating having to make some tough decisions with the all-important hometown dates right around the corner. Chris Harrison explains that there are no roses up for grabs on tonight’s one-on-one dates, but there will be one on the group date.

In their suite, the bachelors admire the view. In camera, JP describes how difficult it’s going to be for him to see Ashley going on one-on-one dates with other guys – he’s become very attached.

Constantine nets the first solo date with Ashley. They take the steam engine into a little village in another town. Ashley feels their relationship is going slower than the others but is determined to be patient. Constantine is feeling some pressure, but wants to try to relax and enjoy the date.  They’re touchy-feely on the train ride, and when they get to the village they check out a lantern festival.  As they make wishes on a lantern, Ashley is moved by how seriously Constantine is taking things.

Back at the suite, Ben F gets the next one-on-one date card. Ryan P gets antsy at not logging the same amount of time with Ashley as the others.

On the evening portion of their date, Constantine is trying to figure out how Ashley would fit into his life and asks her some questions. She tells him he’s attractive and she loves that he’s a family man. They discuss how important hometowns are – you can be yourself more. Constantine basically admits that he’s not falling in love yet, but still thinks it can happen between them. They release their wish lantern and kiss.

Ashley and Ben head out on their date the next day – she’s looking for an emotional and physical attraction. They get on a moped and take off laughing, riding through a gorge on curving roads. Ben makes some cringe-worthy statements, such as referring to Ashley as ‘precious cargo’. They kiss on a bridge and Ben notes that it feels right.

Back at the suite, the group date card comes – Ames, Lucas, and JP are named, meaning the last one-on-one will go to Ryan, who hasn’t had a solo date yet.

By evening, Ben tells the cameras that he’s falling in love with Ashley, but isn’t ready to tell her. They have dinner and wine, and he lets her know he’s confident she’ll come on a hometown date with him. He does a lot of talking about his feelings. Ashley does a lot of nodding.  They do some kissing.  In camera, Ashley says she feels like he’s her boyfriend.

In the morning at the suite, the guys realize Ben never came home from his date. JP is especially upset. Ben comes in and claims that nothing happened between them – they didn’t even share a room, but JP needs to take a walk.

For the group date, Ashley will have Ames, JP, and Lucas dress up and take wedding photos with her.  The guys are sent into dressing rooms and must put on whatever is in there. Lucas comes out in a gold Asian gown, Ames gets a powder blue tux with a pink shirt, and JP gets a dashing black tux. Ashley emerges in an Asian gown and poses for photos with Lucas, and then Ames. JP is irked by the kissing.  Ashley wears a white dress for pictures with JP.

The guys are tense in the evening portion of the date. Ashley tells them she can relate to what they’re feeling so close to hometown dates. She speaks to Lucas alone. He says he felt like he was off to one side today – it was just okay.  He talks about wanting a family and they kiss. She spends time with Ames, who shows her family photographs.  When JP gets his chance, he tells her straight out what torture it’s been for him having to share her with the other guys. She seems amused – she thought he was cool as a cucumber. He says he was, but the feelings change everything. She asks him to wait, leaves, and comes back with the rose, saying she wants to meet his family so bad. He beams.

At the suite, Ryan gets his one-on-one date card finally. He’s pumped.

Ashley and Ryan meet the next day. She thinks he’s fantastic, but needs to feel a connection before families get involved. They walk through a temple and take in the myriads of people praying together. They make a wish to the matchmaking god using bricks. Ryan is unfailingly upbeat, but it begins to become clear that Ashley’s not feeling romantically toward him. The date continues on for a while, but Ashley finally puts an end to it. She says he’s great, but she’s just not feeling it. Ryan is deflated. They part ways and Ryan tells the camera he’s shocked. He does a lot of moaning, groaning, and sighing, and gets choked up before hailing a taxi.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Ashley says tonight’s ceremony is critical because whoever is left will get hometown dates. The five guys have gathered for the cocktail party and are in a stunned mood after Ryan’s departure.

Ashley talks to Chris about why she had to let Ryan go, and she says she knows what she wants to do in the Rose Ceremony and doesn’t need a cocktail party tonight – she’s very sure.

Chris tells the guys there will be no cocktail party and Ashley is ready. JP already has a rose and is safe. Ashley offers roses to Constantine, Ben, and Ames.  Lucas is going back to Texas.

Chris Harrison Interviews Emily Maynard

After tons of tabloid speculation about break-ups and make-ups, Chris Harrison says the time has come to speak out about how Brad and Emily tried to make it work, but failed. Emily arrives and tells Chris she’s nervous.

They sit inside, and Emily tells Chris she thought she’d be having a wedding when she saw him next. Emily admits that the being in the house again is getting to her.  She talks about what a gentleman Brad is aside from his good looks, stating that they’re not engaged any more, but he’ll always be a part of her life.  She says she’ll always be in love with Brad, and she wishes things turned out different.

Chris asks what went wrong. Emily says little red flags began coming up in the relationship as she planned to move to Austin. She says her desire to be married and have more kids may have overshadowed the reality of the relationship. Emily claims she didn’t have the reassurance that Brad would want to be with her long term, so she didn’t feel she could move.

Emily tells Chris that this was her worst nightmare – her hopes were so high and it’s really disappointing and feels like a failure.

Chris notes that Brad gave his blessing for them to do this, even though he declined to be there. Emily says she thought people deserved to know, since they opened their lives up by going on the show. Chris asks what her life has been like. She says no one can prepare you for going from being a nobody to being followed to the grocery store. She says the paparazzi camped outside her home and followed her and Ricki everywhere. She jokes that she told her daughter everyone thinks she’s Taylor Swift.

Emily says she’ll stay in touch with Brad. Chris notes how protective Brad is of her. She says if it was just based on love they could make it work. She will now focus on being a mom since she no longer knows who to trust.  Chris thanks her for coming on and wishes her the very best.

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3 Responses to “The Bachelorette Recap: Tortured In Taiwan, Plus Emily Maynard’s Worst Nightmare!”

  1. marion neal Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 5:14 am

    I think Em is a big fake. last night was alot of pretending on her part. If she really loved him she wouldnt have broke it off. I feel sorry 4 Brad not her as it was her choice. no Brad didnt want 2 b there as it would only hurt him all the more 2 see her again.

  2. Karen Shrub Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 7:53 am

    I sincerely hope that this chick is NOT the new Bachelorette. They got a loser this season & the viewers declined. Put another loser like Emily on & it’ll be worse. Ashley hasn’t a clue what or who she wants & doesn’t know squat about how to be genuine. Emily is an attention seeking wannabe as well. Give me a break!!!!

  3. maria Says:
    July 25th, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    I agree Emily is rather fake. She tried to appear emotional and was obvious she was faking it. No tears no matter how hard she tried to be emotional. Not that she has to be tearful to be genuinely sad or emotional but her pretention was just obvious.


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