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America’s Got Talent Recap: Frontrunners Emerge In The Season’s First Live Show

July 12, 2011 08:25 PM by Lisa Princ

After watching so many amazing acts in Vegas on America’s Got Talent on NBC goes live tonight and it’s your turn to vote for your favorite contestants. Keep reading for all the highlights of the first live show!

America’s Got Talent kicked off the very first live show of the season with some comical antics by the judges and Nick, but then it was straight into the talent as 12 of the top 48 took the stage tonight. The Miami All Stars were up first and during rehearsals they had some issues as they had to change their original tune due to some legal issues. So with only 2 hours of practice left, the group had to perform with a brand new song and they pulled it off perfectly. The judges loved them, with Piers gushing that it was “brilliant” and Howie calling it “flawless”.

Dezmond Meeks was next to hit the stage with a performance of “Satisfaction” which was perfect. The crowd went wild and the judges had mixed reviews as Sharon told him she loved what he does, but warned him about the line of cheesiness he could possibly be crossing. Howie called it cheesy and Piers told him not to listen to Howie that he was a great cabaret act. Those Funny Little People were up next and almost immediately into their corny performance of “Singing In The Rain” combined with “It’s Raining Men” Piers buzzed them. I think Sharon was enjoying the almost naked men in the performance too much to buzz! Howie gave them a standing ovation, while Piers called them annoying. Sharon told them they were amazing – seriously? I think she and Howie just loved that they annoyed Piers.

America’s Got Talent welcomed back the Fearless Flores Family but this time instead of having two bikes in the globe, they had three! They were flawless and the judges were in awe of them, but had concerns about how much more they could do in the next rounds. Squonk Opera was up next with yet another strange performance. Piers and Sharon both buzzed, but Howie did not. Sharon said she appreciated the eccentricity they brought but the song was not good – thanks Sharon because I was wondering if I was deaf. Piers told them their performance was “what hell is like”.

Comedian J Chris Newberg was next up on America’s Got Talent and the controversy between judges continued about him as it did during his audition as Piers immediately buzzed him while Howie was laughing. He was okay, but definitely not the best comedian. Howie loved him though as did Sharon and Chris was thrilled that he was able to annoy Piers. Dancer Snap Boogie who impressed everyone during auditions was up next with an awesome routine which once again light the stage on fire. Sharon and Howie loved him, and Piers decided to clear his name by telling Snap Boogie that the reason he gets mad about some of the stupid acts is because people like Snap are worth the million bucks.

It was time for Echo of Animal Gardens, who did not have a good Vegas performance. This time, he brought his girlfriend along moral bird support and seemed to pay off because tonight he was perfect and totally chatty. The judges liked her, but again had her concerns about how much further she could take it, but ultimately it is up to America anyway. Up next were The Fiddleheads, a bluegrass band who put on a good rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”. While the crowd loved it, Howie thought the song choice was mistake while Piers actually agreed saying they did not hit the big notes. Sharon also did not love the song choice or their outfits, but the band said they had fun.

Duo Aero was next on America’s Got Talent and they put on a mediocre act while suspended in the air as they have done in the past but Piers got bored and buzzed them. Sharon thought they turned themselves into an old aerial act and Howie agreed. 11-year-old Anna Graceman, who blew us over in her audition but did not wow in Vegas was next to hit the stage. Tonight, Anna performed “What a Wonderful World” and this time she got a well deserved standing ovation from the judges as she pulled it off flawlessly.

The final act of the evening was Sandou Trio Russian Bar, another dangerous act, but how would they up the ante tonight? This time, they performed over a bed of nails and then a bed of fiery nails! This trio was incredible and pulled it off perfectly. They earned nothing shy of well deserved praise from the judges. That wraps up the first live show, now be sure to vote for your favorites and tune in tomorrow to find out the results!

Which act or performer won you over thus far? We love all the talented acts this season and can’t choose just yet. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to share your comments!

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