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Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week

July 12, 2011 12:00 AM by Kristin Watson

Brace yourselves! This edition of Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week is quite shocking. Hebert actually surprised us on The Bachelorette this week and did not do anything remotely dumb or questionable. She actually did something right when she kicked Ryan to the curb, prompting us not to fill the title in with a moment from the episode. Read on to find out why this makes us happy…

The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert normally provides us with a great moment for our weekly edition of Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week but this week she pretty much did everything right — at least compared to the past episodes.

Maybe it’s the realization that Bentley Williams is a d-bag or perhaps she’s opened her eyes to the men in front of her, but she became interesting this week and that in return seemed to justify her choices in the episode. The best being her decision to ditch Ryan during their date!

We were getting sick of his smiling face and all-to chipper attitude. So much so, we began to think he was hiding something. When the couple began their date with a nice walk through Longshan Temple we thought their chemistry was weird. Of course, Ryan thought it was romantic. We’re not sure what date he was on, but it didn’t seem romantic to us. Anyway, it got weird when he broke his wish piece at the temple and got worse during their picnic.

Ashley went with her gut and what others would call common sense and realized something was off. Despite that little voice that told her to hang on, she tuned it out and decided to cut him loose during the date. We knew she didn’t really want to meet his family, so why prolong it until the rose ceremony?

We are so happy Ashley Hebert isn’t blinded by Bentley Williams and his drama anymore. We feel like she might finally have a shot at making some great decisions for the rest of the season. We won’t hold our breath, but we’ll see.

What do you think of Ashley Hebert’s decision to get rid of Ryan on The Bachelorette? Do you think she finally wised up or did you like them as a couple? Remember, this is just our opinion, no reality show contestants were hurt during the making of this article.

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2 Responses to “Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment Of The Week”

  1. Jane Johnson Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Ryan was the only one with a good job! He owns a company with 600 employees. He was cute, smart and has a bright future ahead of him. I think she was wrong to kick him to the curb. Look at the ones that are left. Ames & JP are the only good looking ones left. I think she’ll pick JP or whatever is initials are.

  2. Pam B Says:
    July 13th, 2011 at 6:47 am

    I think Ashley is the worse Bachelorette yet. I can’t stand her and thought the show was out of their minds when they selected her. Ryan was my favorite. I am glad she sent him home because I think he deserves better than Ashley.


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