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Masterchef’s Esther Kang Knew She Was Going Home

July 12, 2011 08:36 AM by Lisa Princ

Last night on Fox‘s Masterchef, we watched as Esther Kang was eliminated when her layer cake was a complete flop to the judges. In an exclusive interview this morning, Esther shares how she “knew” she was headed home before it happened. Keep reading to hear what else Esther Kang wanted to share!

Masterchef said goodbye to Esther Kang last night after she could not come up with a good enough layer cake for the judges, and 2 failed attempts at pastry dough. In an exclusive interview, Esther shared with us how she knew she was going home and told us all about her experience on the show, check it out below.

RTVM: Sorry to see you get eliminated last night, were you shocked to be sent home?

Esther Kang: I was more sad than shocked, but deep down I knew it. It’s just a gut feeling that you have, you just kind of know.

RTVM: If you could go back, what would you do differently?

Esther Kang: I definitely would have used less components in my cake. It’s a competition, so you try and impress by putting your best foot forward, but I got too ambitious. I should have stuck to three components instead of seven, but I still stand by the flavor of my cake.

RTVM: You also struggled with the pastry dough in the catering challenge. Why was it such a problem for you last night?

Esther Kang: I usually make all my dough by hand, but when you are working in such large volume, you need to use a mixer which was my downfall. I couldn’t feel the dough to tell if it was the proper consistency or not…it took away the personal element of it for me.

RTVM: How disappointing was it to get the dough right the third time, only to have your filling shot down by Gordon Ramsay?

Esther Kang: That was so disappointing as I worked so hard. I think it was fine and that was just his personal opinion, but we went with what he said.

RTVM: What was it like working in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen?

Esther Kang: It was stressful. Especially when he started in on my mess. You saw the shot of the kitchen, it did not look like a mess, I think he was losing his mind. But I respected his kitchen and just focused on what I needed to do.

RTVM: What was the best part of the competition for you?

Esther Kang: This is going to sound cheesy, but it was being around the cast and all of the energy there. It was so exciting and motivating to work with others like myself and they were all so supportive of one another. It’s hard when you quit your job to pursue something you love and it was great to have other chefs doing the same thing.

RTVM: Tell us about your decision to quit your job?

Esther Kang: It was definitely a tough decision that took me about two months to decide on. You have to make sure it’s the right decision and I just knew I had to do it.

RTVM: What’s next for you?

Esther Kang: Well, I have already begun a cookie business. One thing I have learned from the show is to think outside the box. It’s funny I know, like how can I push myself with cookies, but I have. I actually took one of my cookie ideas from the coffee challengeĀ  andĀ  we have many unique cookies. Be sure to check us out at www.batchfromscratch.com, we ship anywhere in the United States.

A huge thank you to Esther Kang for speaking with us, and best of luck with the cookie business – we will be sure to check it out!

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