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Big Brother 13 Recap: It’s Veto Time

July 13, 2011 06:41 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s the first veto competition of the season on tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Will Rachel’s current nominees, Keith and Porsche stay on the block? Plus, the new Golden Key is a huge discussion among the contestants. Keep reading to find out which houseguest unexpectedly leaves the house tonight!

Fall-out From The Nomination Ceremony:

After the nomination ceremony, Porsche is surprised that she is on the block.  Keith feels he is safe, because of the alliance he has made with the other newcomers- the regulators. Porsche sneaks up to the HOH room to talk about the nominations.  Tears begin to flow and Brandon calms her down by reassuring her that she is not the target. Rachel is annoyed by Porsche’s tears, since the plan is to give her the golden key. Porsche leaves still feeling unsure of her alliance with the veterans. Now the veterans see Porsche for the loose cannon that she is!  Hmm – wonder why Evil Dick picked her, not for her smarts!

Keith talks to Dominic about throwing the competition, so that they can kick Porsche to the curb.  Keith tries to explain to Kalia and Lawon that they have the numbers. Kalia looks confused by the situation, which makes Keith nervous.

Unexpected Departure:

Uh oh – Big Brother asks Dick to go the diary room.  After hours have gone by, the houseguests start to wonder where Dick has gone.  Curious, Jeff starts to look throughout the house and suspects that something might be up.  Daniele genuinely looks concerned that her dad is nowhere to be found.  Big Brother then announces that Rachel should go to the diary room, now the contestants know something must be going down.

Rachel emerges from the diary room with a note from Big Brother. The note lets the houseguests know, that due to a personal emergency, Dick had to leave the game. Since Dick had to leave suddenly, BB decides that Daniele is to be given the first Golden Key. This means Daniele is automatically in the top ten. Despite her rocky relationship with her dad, Daniele is genuinely concerned for dad and the game!  Without Dick, Daniele feels that the veterans are at a huge disadvantage.  Brendon gets visibly upset because he feels the game is unfair.

Don’t worry Jeff to the rescue!  Jeff gives the veteran team a locker room pep talk – he refuses to give up and tells them they shouldn’t either.

Even the newbies are annoyed with Keith, who is celebrating Dick’s early departure from the game.  Keith then tries to call out Kalia and Porsche in front of his team, but instead his plan backfires.  Everyone thinks Keith has a screw loose, even Dominic starts to question their alliance.

Veto Competition:

Rachel bounces into the room announcing the first veto competition.  Only six members of the house will play in the game.  Rachel also hands Daniele the first Golden Key.  Daniele starts to see the Golden Key as being very beneficial to her social game.  Keith still plans to throw the competition.  In a random draw, Jeff and Jordan are picked to play in the game.

The contestants step out to the backyard in full superhero gear, which really means, form-fitting suits. Jordan kindly points out that the costume has “one focal point, I think everyone knows what I’m talking about.” Thanks Jordan!  To win, the duos must work together to complete a puzzle.  One member of the team will gather the puzzle pieces, while the other solves the puzzle on the side of a building.  Whoever finishes the skyscraper puzzle first -wins!   This should be interesting because Porsche is trying to throw the competition and Keith, her partner, is also trying to lose the competition.  To add humor to the competition Rachel and Brandon use pet names to encourge eachother “I’m focusing pumpkin head, come on sweety-cups!”  I can’t get enough of these two!  While Jordan struggles with the puzzle, Rachel is in the lead.  Rachel then flies to victory by completing the puzzle first.  Rachel the HOH and now the veto winner, she is a powerhouse!

Decisions and Deals:

Brandon and Rachel discuss the nominations with Jeff.  The veterans want to milk this power for everything its worth.  Rachel thinks it is a great opportunity to make some deals in the house.  First to the HOH room are Adam and Dominic.  Dominic is not intimidated by the dynamic duo of Rachel and Brandon.  Kalia and Lawon, just nod their heads in agreement with everything Brandon says.   Really, who is going to disagree with them right now? Oh, spoke to soon – Cassi tells them that she is afraid of the veterans.  Rachel talks with Keith about using the power of veto on him and what she wants for return – safety for her and Brandon.  Rachel threatens Keith that if he goes back on his word, he will live to regret it!

Veto Ceremony:

Rachel makes the announcement not to use the power of veto this week!  The target is still Keith, because Rachel thinks he is a strong physical player.

Tune in Thursday to find out who is the first person evicted from the house.  Who do you want to see leave the Big Brother house?  Will you miss Evel Dick? Let us know, comment below!

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