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Love In The Wild Recap: Snakes and Sparks Fly

July 13, 2011 08:08 PM by Megan Thompson

Hold onto your partner, there are snakes in the jungle! Eight couples start out on a snake filled adventure through the jungle on tonight’s, Love In The Wild.  Sparks fly between new couples, while the lovebirds Samantha and Mike have their first big fight. Will this fight be the end of their relationship? Keep reading to learn all the details!

The New Adventure:

Starting at the base of a volcano, the contestants must start out in a canoe and make their way to Snake Island.  The couples will than use a map to navigate the island, pick up some items and then head back to the canoes.  The first couple to cross the finish line wins a romantic getaway at the Oasis.   

The new couples are:  

Kym and Steele

Adam and Heather

Erica and Miles

Samantha and Mike

Theresa and Skip

Brandee and Ben

Jason and Jessica

Derek and Jess

The couples hop into the canoe and start rowing to snake island.  Samantha and Mike head in the wrong direction and are immediately frustrated with each other.  Derek and Jess are working well together and are the first duo to land on Snake Island.  The crates the couples have to pick up and carry through the jungle are covered with snakes. By the time Mike and Samantha get to the crates, they are not even talking to one another.  Brandee and Ben are the last ones to reach the crates. 

Four couples make it back to the canoes at the same time.  Unfortunately for Steele, and his partner, he capsizes the canoe trying to get into it!  With Steele and Kym left in the water – the other three canoes are in the race to the finish line for first place. 

Derek and Jess power through the canoe portion of the race and row themselves right into first place! The host, Darren McMullen, opens the crate that the couple was carrying to unveil a bottle of champagne.  Derek and Jess are excited for the night away at the Oasis.  In second place are Skip and Theresa.  Mike and Samantha place third, even though they argued the entire time.  Miles and Erica come in fourth, while Jason and Jessica come in fifth.  Ben and Brandee come in sixth and Steele and Kym come in seventh.  The last couple to finish the race is Adam and Heather. 

The Aftermath of the Adventure:

Derek and Jess arrive at the Oasis and are in awe of its beauty.  The couple cracks open the champagne and gets in the empty tub.  

While back at the cabins Kym and Steele lie in bed, talk about the adventure and flirt with each other.  Another couple, Theresa and Skip take a shower together – yes, hop in the shower completely naked! Samantha and Mike try to talk about the fight earlier in the day, but Samantha shuts down and walks out.  It’s officially their first fight!

Back at the Oasis, Derek and Jess enjoy a nice dinner.  Derek likes Jess but thinks that he should probably explore more options.  It doesn’t stop him from diving into the pool and sharing some kisses with Jess. 

The next day, Mike surprises Samantha with a picnic in an effort to try to smooth things over with her.  Mike’s effort pays off and they are able to make it pass their first fight.

Couples’ Choice Ceremony:

The couples primp for tonight’s couple’s choice ceremony.  Many of the duos are unsure if they will stay together or switch partners. 

Derek and Jess are up first.  Derek actually decides to stay with Jess and she agrees.  Skip and Theresa are up next.  After hopping into the shower, I will be surprised if they switch!  The couple does decide to stay together.  Mike and Samantha survived their first fight and decide to keep working on their relationship together.  Miles and Erica are up next.  While Miles likes Erica, he decides to invite Heather to be his partner.  Erica is left standing alone, but she then invites Steele to be her partner.  Steele does accept Erica’s proposal, which leaves Kym on her own.  Jason and Jessica are up next and decide to stay together.  Ben, Brandee, Kym and Adam are left.  It all comes down to who Ben picks.  Ben and Brandee do stay together, which means Adam and Kym are sent home. 

Tune in next week when the couples take on another adventure.  Who would you like to see partner up on the show?  Let us know, leave a comment below!

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One Response to “Love In The Wild Recap: Snakes and Sparks Fly”

  1. Amy Says:
    July 14th, 2011 at 10:29 am

    Absolutely choked that Kym went home! I loved her! Steele is a major d-bag anyways, but he totally made the wrong decision with Erica, that girl may be pretty but she doesn’t seem remotely interesting. I’m really glad Sam and Mike worked things out, they are too cute together!


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