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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Final Performances Together Before The Top 10 Are Revealed

July 13, 2011 07:22 PM by Lisa Princ

So You Think You Can Dance is back tonight as the top 12 take the stage once again on FOX. How did the couples fare in their final dance together tonight under the watchful eye of guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family? Keep reading for all the highlights!

So You Think You Can Dance kicked off tonight in the hunt for the top 10 as Cat Deeley announced this would be the last time the couples would dance as couples. Next week they will be paired with All Stars and we can’t wait! Here is how everyone fared tonight in their final routines together:

Sasha and Alexander
Sasha and Alexander were up first and their first routine of the night was a Paso Doble choreographed by Tony and Melanie. This was a hot performance to kick off the evening and this pair was flawless! Nigel thought this one was Sasha’s strength while Mary thought it was hot and “on fire”. Jesse thought it as brilliant and Sonya said Sasha “rocked her socks” and called it awesome.

For their second routine, Sasha and Alexander worked with Tyce Diorio, who gave them a lesson in “life” for their performance anyway – it was all about life. It was different but beautiful and the judges seemed to like it as Jesse kicked off saying it was amazing and his favorite number tonight. Sonya wanted to swear again but ended up telling them that they killed it, while Nigel stated that in past routines Sasha has carried Alexander, but that did not happen tonight. Mary ended by saying Alexander had a breakthrough tonight as she gushed how good they were.

Jordan and Tadd
Jordan and Tadd’s first routine was a number by Travis Wall about a “vulture” woman taking advantage of a man and it was a powerful performance. The judges loved it as Mary called it magnificent when she finally stopped yelling and Sonya loved it so much she wanted to swear about it. Nigel thought it was remarkable and Jesse said (in the words of Randy Jackson) that this performance proved that the guys were “in it to win it”.

For their second routine, Jordan and Tadd had choreography by Spencer Liff about a princess, which also incorporated a kiss into the routine. This one was cute and fun but it was not the best routine for this pair. The judges were not thrilled as Sonya started by saying that she did not see their abilities or craft tonight and Nigel agree that it could have been quirkier, but it was just okay. Mary said it just was not strong enough for her, while Jesse agreed with everything the others said.

Ryan and Ricky
Ryan and Ricky took on a Broadway routine tonight by Spencer Liff for their first performance. It was supposed to be this fun routine about a poster girl coming to life but both of these contestants looked to be out of their comfort zone for this one. The judges were not impressed as Jesse said this performance did not allow them to give their all, but Sonya said she felt that they were questioning themselves the entire time. Mary agreed and Nigel was worried that this performance would not help them connect with the audience as he had hoped.

Ryan and Ricky would be doing a Cha Cha by Louis Van Amstel for their second routine, but could they win the voters over with their sexy routine? It was definitely a hot routine, but I had a hard time with some of Ryan’s silly faces during the performance. The reviews were mixed as Nigel thought Ricky did a great job, while he felt Ryan was overdoing it. Mary said it was sloppy for Ryan but Ricky was spicy enough for the hot tamale train! Jesse joked he was deaf after Mary screamed, but he called it his favorite of the season for this pair. Sonya loved Ricky, but that Ryan lost her conviction.

Caitlyn and Mitchell
Christopher Scott choreographed Caitlyn and Mitchell’s first routine which was about children being abducted for war and while it should have tugged our heart strings, I did not feel the connection. The judges were disappointed as well as Sonya said they lost her with the lack of details and Nigel did not see them dancing “together” so to speak. Mary said it was strong but not in unison and Jesse did not get the message, referring to himself as dense – well, we must be dense also Jesse!

Jazz was next with Caitlyn and Mitchell as they were choreographed by Travis Wall this time, in a story about a woman who finds out her man is married. This was another sexy routine that kicked off with a smack, which they revealed was real. Mary called it slightly naughty but she loved it, while Jesse thought it was hot. Sonya agreed that it was hot but Mitchell needs to be careful and Nigel called it sensational.

Melanie and Marko
Melanie and Marko would be doing a Tango choreographed by Louis Van Amstel tonight for their first performance. Melanie came out donning a gorgeous red gown and Marko looked equally as elegant in a suit and they danced to perfection. The judges loved them as Nigel started by saying they took a speed pill to help them learn the tango while Mary said it was really good but could have been better for her. Jesse told them they had a spark and Sonya said this pair makes her lose her breath every time they dance.

Melanie and Marko took on a piece by Dee Casparay next about a couple slipping in and out of the light. What an emotional routine that was performed almost flawlessly. The judges gushed as Jesse started by saying his mind was just blown and they gave him goosebumps. Sonya loved said she was inspired while Nigel said he was excited about next week and splitting the couples up, aside from these two because they are “magical”. Mary closed by saying it was flawless and called them shining stars on the show.

Clarice and Jess
Christopher Scott choreographed Clarice and Jess’s first routine of the night which was showcasing a woman’s insecurities. It was a great, emotional Hip Hop routine that these two pulled off perfectly. The judges gushed as Mary called it cute and innocent and Jesse loved it, asking Clarice if she had a boyfriend. Sonya thought they slayed it, while Nigel loved the story and simplicity of it.

The final performance of the evening was by Jess and Clarice who were choreographed by Tony and Melanie to perform a face paced Jive. It was definitely fast and had some awesome footwork, ending the night on a high note. Sonya was up first saying she loved it while Nigel said it was very good but the lifts made him uncomfortable. Mary loved it and Jesse closed by saying that it was fantastic and joked that Jess should get the keys to Broadway.

Be sure to vote for your favorite and then tune in tomorrow to see who is sent packing on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox!

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