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Big Brother 13 Recap: Elimination, New Head Of Household And A Message From Evel Dick

July 14, 2011 07:08 PM by Lisa Princ

After all the veto drama last night on Big Brother, tonight we saw one person eliminated, one couple’s relationship tested and a new head of household chosen. Keep reading for all the details as well as a message from Evel Dick!

Big Brother kicked off tonight with Keith and Porsche both discuss how they are confident that they will not be voted out. Then Keith and Porsche have a heart to heart, or at least that is what Keith wants Porsche to think, but she sees right through him and doesn’t believe his sincerity that he will be happy if she earns the Golden Key.

The newbie house guests chat and decide that they want Porsche gone while the veterans are hoping to sway the votes to keep Porsche. Then the veterans decide to play the game and befriend the newbies some more with some games and drinks. Some of the newbies, such as Dominic are on to the veterans while others are falling into it.

Brendon finally decides that he has had enough and pulls Rachel away of the partying in an effort to protect her – or so he said. Later, while they are aloe Brendon shares how Rachel made him feel bad during her partying. The next morning, Rachel pours her heart out to Brendon over her pet name calling which ends up in a discussion about their need to communicate better – and they ended on a good note!

Brendon decides next that they have to sway Shelly and the the veterans decide to play Adam by letting him name their alliance. Adam’s choice of “Adam’s Angels” did not go over to well, but they humored him.

Then Evel Dick sent over a video message to the house, telling everyone that he and his girlfriend are okay but he will not be returning this season due to a personal emergency. He also advises that he will be watching the season and he wants to see game play. Danielle gets emotional though after hearing from her dad and says that this is not Big Brother to her, but real life.

Then it was time to plead their cases, and Keith told Porsche that she rocks and to remember that it is only a game, while Porsche thanks everyone and tells them that she is grateful to have been there with them. Next the live voting began and Rachel would only be voting in the event of a tie.

Dominic was up first and he voted to evict Porsche, while Brendon voted for Keith. Jordan up next also voted to evict Keith while Cassi voted to evict Porsche. Lawon voted for Porsche, while Jeff chose to evict Keith and Danielle voted to evict Keith. Adam headed in and voted for Porsche for eviction. Kalia voted to evict Keith while Shelly voted for Keith.

That makes the eliminated house guest Keith, and Porsche gained a golden key, assuring her a spot in the top 10. Keith then discussed how Porsche ran to the veterans and that turned their partnership sour and how despite his plans, he was eliminated.

Then it was time to find out the next head of household with a miniature golf challenge. Danielle and Porsche, due to their golden keys would not be participating, nor would Rachel. Whichever contestant could get their golf ball the furthest would win. Dominic was up first and remained in first place until Kalia tied him, but eventually Jordan beat them both and ended up as the head of household for the week!

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One Response to “Big Brother 13 Recap: Elimination, New Head Of Household And A Message From Evel Dick”

  1. suzan Says:
    July 17th, 2011 at 9:49 pm

    aloha- the reason why i ask big brother to have evil dick to be in big brother was to be mean to reachel. that was all.not for big brother to be kicked out of big brother. now dick cannot re enter the big brother house at all and he cannot be in the finele at all too.


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