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Expedition Impossible Recap: Heading Up The Mountain

July 14, 2011 07:25 PM by Megan Thompson

It’s a new episode of Expedition Impossible tonight.  Instead of battling sand, the ten teams remaining will battle the snowy mountains.  All the teams are gunning to beat Team Gypsies, who have dominated the game.  Keep reading to find out which teams can’t handle the change in altitude and which team is going home!

Stage Four Of The Competition:

The contestants are told they are going to climb the snowy mountains as part of today’s expedition.  Team Gypsies are the first to start the trek, since they were the winners in the previous race. The remaining contestants are released in the order they placed in the previous race.  

AJ, from Fab 3, is feeling sick and he is not looking forward to today’s hike up the mountain.  Team No Limits, is in second place as they climb the mountain.  I can’t imagine how Erik climbs the rocky, snowy mountain, just listening to his teammate’s voice. The California Girls have a positive attitude and are enjoying the sights as they hike. 

First Challenge:

Team Gypsies is the first team to reach the clue. Teams must now use a line to catch cages off the cliff; the cage will hold the next clue. Most of the teams meet up at this challenge, so a lot of the teams can play catch up here.  Once again, The Gypsies are the first to complete the challenge and they head down the mountains.  Team No Limits are right on the Gypsies heels as both teams check into camp. California Girls and NY Firemen are struggling with the challenge, leaving them as the last two teams. Brittany, from California Girls, lets this challenge get the best of her and she breaks down. When the Firemen finally receive the clue, they are true gentlemen and refuse to leave the California Girls.  Instead, Kevin from the Firemen team coaches Brittany on how to get the clue.  Brittany finally succeeds and the two teams check into the camp together!  Firemen everywhere should be proud of this team. 

The Next Day:

Everyone wakes up feeling pretty miserable.  The conditions at camp made for a long night with little to no sleep. Today the teams will be hiking back up the mountains, but heading out of the snow. As usual, Team Gypsies are the first to leave followed by No Limits and The Football Players.  Team Kansas is in the middle of the pack for this leg of the race and they are still feeling exhausted from yesterday’s journey. The altitude is really starting to affect the teams, especially Team Kansas.  Aj, from Fab 3, is really struggling because he hasn’t recovered from his illness yet.  

Second Challenge: 

The Gypsies head down the mountain and are the first team to reach the challenge. Teams must now take a farming plow and transport it up the mountain using a mule.  The two mile hike with the mule is all uphill and it looks brutal. Kari is not sympathetic with her brother’s AJ’s sickness and she refuses to slow down.  Now that’s sibling love for you! It’s a long day for the Country Boys and Team Kansas who fall more than two hours behind the middle of the pack teams!  Chad’s is so exhausted that he ends up riding the mule up the hill. It looks like these two teams will battle it out for last place. 

Car Check-Point:

After the hike, the teams load the plow into the back of a Ford Explorer and are headed off to the next clue.  Team Gypsies and Team No Limits are the first to reach the cars.  Teams must now assemble the farming equipment and plow the field until they dig up the instructions to the final check-in point.  The Football Players, Cops, Fishermen and NY Firemen are at the middle of the pack when they reach the cars. 

The Gypsies are the first to find the clue and are off to the final check-point. As the Gypsies and No Limits are headed to the finish line the middle pack teams make it to the car check-point.  And Team Gypsies remain undefeated as they are the first team to cross the finish line!  These  Gypsies are determined to win, but they also know that Team No Limits is a huge competitor.  The middle of the pack, Football Players, Firemen, Cops and Fisherman cross the finish line. 

The last two teams finally reach the plow challenge. The Country Boys have a glimmer of hope when they see Team Kansas is still at the challenge.  The boys find the clue before the girls and make it to the finish line.  Defeated, but refusing to give up Team Kansas eventually finds the clue. The girls are upset to be going home, but feel the race was an amazing bonding experience.     

Below is the breakdown of the teams and how they finished in the fourth leg of the race. 

The Gypsies:  John Post ,Taylor Filasky, Eric Bach 

No Limits: Erik Weihenmayer, Jeff Evans Aaron “Ike” Isaacson 

The Football Players: Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Robert Ortiz, Ricky Sharpe

New York Firemen: Kevin Coursey, Rob Keiley, Mike Egan 

The Cops: Robert Robillard, Dani Henderson, James Vaglica 

The Fishermen: Gus Sanfilippo, Nino Sanfilippo, Joe Sanfilippo

California Girls: Christina Chin, Brittany Smith,Natalie Smith

Fab 3: Ryan Allen Carrillo, Kari Gibson, AJ Gibson 

The Country Boys: Nicholas Coughlin, Jason Cronin, Chad Robinson 

Team Kansas:  Lindsey Haymond, Kelsey Fuller, Mackenzie Fuller

Who is your favorite Expedition Impossible team and why?  Let us know, comment below!

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