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Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Recap: Chris Powell Trains Staci Bridwell, The Largest Woman He Has Ever Worked With

July 18, 2011 08:23 PM by Veronica Dudo

Thirty year old Staci Bridwell has battled her weight her entire life. In tonight’s episode her family encourages her to lose weight for her children on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition airing on ABC.

Weighing in at 456 pounds, Staci admits that she hasn’t always made the best decisions in life but is prepared to turn her life around. Her first challenge is to shed some extra pounds and improve her health.

Trainer Chris Powell meets with Staci and tells her that he is going to help her change her life forever. After being selected and returning home, Staci is met by her mother, sister and husband who all read letters to her in hopes she will stick with the challenge. For Phase One, Staci needs to lose 100 pounds. Chris says if she can do it, he will get her a full-time nanny for her children so she can go to work and workout.

It’s been three months and it’s now time for Staci’s weigh-in and the scale reads 350, therefore Staci attained her goal and lost 106 pounds.

In Phase Two, Staci needs to lose 60 pounds. She continues to work-out with Chris really hard. It’s now time for her six month weigh-in. Staci gets on the scale and it reads 290 pounds, therefore she lost exactly 60 pounds.

Next, Chris tells her she will be working out at the Dallas Fire Rescue Training Center with Jason, a fireman and paramedic. After packing on all of the gear, Staci puts out fires, cuts through roofs, and carries a hose up numerous flights of stairs. Towards the end, Staci needs a break and can’t finish her training exercises. She takes a break but tells Chris she wants to finish. After resting, she feels she has enough energy to complete the training exercise–and she does.

It’s now time for Chris to leave and Staci is on her own. Staci says in her video interviews that it’s been extremely difficult to juggle everyday life and all of her responsibilities along with having to make time to work out. It’s now time for her nine month weigh-in. Staci gets on the scale and it reads 294 pounds so Staci actually gained four pounds. Chris asks her what happened and she says she needed to pick up extra shifts at work because her family needed the money and that she just didn’t have time for everything. Staci says she is ready to finish what she started.

In Phase Four, Chris kicks it in to high gear and devises an intense workout plan for her. Staci is determined to lose the weight and hits the gym hard.

It has been one full year and it’s now time for Staci to reveal her new figure. Her friends and family are anxiously awaiting her arrival. A car pulls up and out steps Staci. The audience is very excited and Staci steps on the scale. This is her final weigh-in and the scale reads 255 pounds, therefore Staci lost a total of 201 pounds!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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