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Masterchef Recap: Top Ten Revealed

July 18, 2011 07:59 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week, we watched Esther Kang say goodbye to her dream on Fox‘s Masterchef and this week the remaining 11 contestants compete for their spot in the top ten. Who has what it takes to master lobster and aphrodisiac food? Read reading to find out!

Masterchef returned tonight with another mystery box challenge, but this time the top 11 would not only have their own mystery box, but the judges had one as well. In the contestants’ mystery box were different vegetables, spices and butter, while the judges’ box held the main ingredient for the challenge: lobster – and not just any lobster, these were 4 pound lobsters! Christian, along with the rest of the group, seemed to think that he had the advantage in this challenge since he as cooked these before, but would he prove everyone wrong?

Most of the contestants chose to go with buttered lobster, including Christian, who actually broke his blender halfway through his preparation and had to start over. Erryn, also had a tough time and worried Gordon as he decided to give his lobster a cold bath only to struggle with buttering a cold lobster. The frontrunners in this challenge were Derrick, who did a buttered lobster and mango salsa along with Alejandra who did a lobster with curry and Asian spices. Before the judges revealed the third finalist, Graham asked if anyone thought they belonged in the top three and Christian immediately raised his hand, but was shot down immediately by Graham.

Then it was revealed that Jennifer also managed to work her way into the top three this week with her lobster and mashed potatoes, which was so simple but looked like it belonged on a restaurant plate. While the judges were tasting Jennifer’s dish, Christian decided he was so angry that he was going to eat his lobster – seriously! Joe Bastianich caught wind of Christian eating and was having no part of it. Joe told Christian to either be respectful or hand in his apron and get out. Christian stopped eating and then Jennifer was awarded the win, sending her into the Masterchef pantry.

In the pantry, Jennifer had the choice of one of three aphrodisiac foods: oysters, artichokes, or truffles. After deliberating for a bit, Jennifer chose the truffles at $500 a pop! In a shocker, the judges offered Jennifer the option to grab a glass of champagne and head upstairs to watch, or grab a truffle and compete. However, if she chose to compete, she also had the chance to face elimination. Much to everyone’s surprise, Jennifer chose to compete, claiming that was just “who she was” and that she came there to cook, but would it be a smart decision?

When it was time to cook with the truffles, some decided to stick with meat and potatoes covered with truffles, while others went “outside the box”. Erryn struggled with his meal as he wound up burning his steak and overcooking his potatoes. Christian redeemed himself during this challenge with a filet that was covered in a truffle sauce. The top two dishes in this challenge tonight were Tracy, with a truffle and corn soup, along with Giuseppe who create a pasta dish that the judges just adored. There were many awful dishes tonight in this challenge, but the bottom three were Erryn, Adrien, whose steak and potatoes looked like vomit on a plate, and Jennifer, whose truffles and eggs did not come out right.

So just as Jennifer thought she made a bad decision, she was the first contestant sent back to safety. The judges were disappointed in both of the men, but utterly annoyed with Erryn because of his horrible dish – I mean, he had an hour, he could have recooped and created something more than crunchy vegetables covered in truffle butter. Clearly, the judges were disappointed in Adrien as well because at this stage of the game, they all know that presentation is as important as the taste. But luckily for Adrien, the judges chose to send Erryn packing tonight.

Best of luck to Erryn! Be sure to tune in next time for a brand new episode of Masterchef!

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