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Matheus Fernandes Talks About His Time On The Glee Project

July 18, 2011 02:41 PM by Veronica Dudo

The Glee Project on Oxygen is a reality TV competition where a group of young hopefuls are vying to win the chance to have a guest starring role on FOX’s hit TV show Glee. In last night’s episode, “Pairability” the contestants were paired together to perform duets. Matheus Fernandes was eliminated and today he gave us the scoop on his experience!

What was the most important thing you learned from your time on The Glee Project?
One thing that I was appreciative about Glee was we kind of embraced everybody’s uniqueness and differences and kind if highlighted that in a positive light. So, I’m kind of thankful in a way to Ryan Murphy because I came into the competition–I was positive about everything but I still lacked some confidence or whatever and he noticed and that’s what he wanted to get out of me and I kind of came out of my own little shell in a way performing and music has always been my dream and this was a great experience for that effort, keeping me pushing forward.

Do you have a favorite contestant who you want to win the competition?
I mean, I do I got really close with all of them. Some close people that I became really fond of were Damian and Sam, Hannah but I love all of them though.

It seemed that the other contestants were encouraged to be themselves but Ryan Murphy requested you to be sexier, do you think that got in the way and made you feel uncomfortable?
Yeah, I did feel uncomfortable with it but I don’t know it’s kind of like he obviously meant the kind of character he envisioned for me if I ever made it into the show and then again with me always dreaming being on Glee and dreaming of music and performing and whatnot so it’s kind of like ok well I guess whatever he wants I’ll try to impersonate that character but it was kind of a little bit nerve-racking for me but it accounts for how much guts I have to do that on national TV. I wasn’t forced into doing it but at the same time I did what he wanted.

How did you feel when Damian came to your defense when you were talking to Ryan after the last chance performance?
Damian was like my little-big brother (laughs) so defending me like that, I really appreciated it and I just didn’t like being put on the spot when Ryan was wanting to know which people have been doing whatever and they cut right to the chase with the editing but actually it took me a long time to tell them that and I was kind of pressured up a little bit to tell him.

Did you make-up with Alex at the end?
Yeah, we definitely made up. I love Alex–I love all of the contenders it was a kind of pressure, it was really intense and the competition and stuff and I guess sometimes that the worst in us comes out a little bit but it was an intense week I don’t think anything against him and obviously I’m not saying I was right either but it was just an intense week. Last night after we watched the episode, we texted each other and we talked about it and we were fine and we’re cool now.

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  1. GleeProjectFan Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 8:59 am

    That sucks that Matheus got eliminated.
    He was my favorite person.


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