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America’s Got Talent Recap: Majority Of Acts Fail To Impress

July 19, 2011 08:04 PM by Candace Young

Tonight live from Hollywood, Nick Cannon introduces Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel in preparation for the twelve performances in the second quarter-final of America’s Got Talent. Only four will survive! Sharon talks about how high the bar was raised last week, and says she has high hopes for tonight. Keep reading for all the highlights…

Attack Dance Crew from Tallahassee, Florida is first to take the stage live tonight on America’s Got Talent.  They are dressed in black outfits with yellow neon accents and do a fairly tight routine with a couple of cool tricks. Piers says he liked parts of it, but wasn’t massively keen on the choreography tonight – he advises them to work more as a team and take the focus off the fancy jumps. Sharon agrees the choreography wasn’t spectacular – they didn’t stand out from other dance crews tonight, but she hopes they come back. Howie feels that it looked like cheerleading, but doesn’t seem up to par with dance on AGT.

Next up is Dani Shay from Orlando, Florida, aka, the girl who looks like Justin Bieber. Dani suffered from nerves in Las Vegas, and now has to perform live in Hollywood. Dani strums an acoustic in a living room style set on the stage and her singing grows stronger as the performance carries on. Sharon says she did amazing, and she loves the purity of her. Howie thinks she’s a great singer, but doesn’t necessarily like her song choices – he’s worried voters won’t connect with her choice. Piers liked her stage performance, but noted some of the singing was off-key. He says it may be down to song choice – it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t perfect.

Geechy Guy from Rochester, Michigan follows Danni on America’s Got Talent. He will try to get some laughs with his stand-up comedy routine.  He emerges onstage in a white suit and gets right to it. He makes me giggle, but Piers buzzes him after three quick jokes. The audience stays fairly quiet throughout. Howie notes that comedy is subjective, and he doesn’t know if what he’s doing is strong enough to win, but he’s a good comedian who deserves to make a living. Piers likens listening to the routine to being smashed over the head every five seconds with a giant hammer. Sharon says she likes his suit, and the jokes were silly – she gets his act. Geechy Guy tells Nick that since he’s not sure what Piers does for a living, he’ll take the advice of Howie, the professional comedian. Ouch!

Daniel Joseph Baker from Katy, Texas, who has only ever performed in his living room, is about to take things to a whole new level by ‘turning up the fierceness’ for his live performance in Hollywood. Daniel sits at a zebra patterned piano to begin and then stands up to sing Edge Of Glory as back-up dancers whirl around him.  Piers can see that he loves performing, and even though the singing wasn’t perfect, he is naturally entertaining. Sharon adores Daniel – she thinks he’s fantastic.  Howie jokes that Daniel’s the next Lady Guyguy.

The Rhinestone Ropers from Idaho have brought their knives, guns, ropes, and even horses, to Hollywood to perform live. After the horse picks up a cowboy hat in his teeth and pulls a blanket off his back with attitude, Piers hits the buzzer. Some lasso work follows, but overall it’s not too exciting.  Sharon says Lucky Joe the horse is magnificent, however the act reminded her of someone entertaining at a birthday party – not exciting enough. Howie says they had a lot more going on last time – they didn’t step it up for this audition. Piers calls it a complete train wreck of an act – they completely blew it.

Dylan Andre from Pennsylvania is set to sing live in Hollywood. He is dressed simply in a denim shirt and perches on a stool to accompany himself on acoustic guitar.  His song is Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters by John Mayer, and he does pretty well. Howie thinks he did good, but was a little flat at times. Piers says this is the business end of America’s Got Talent and the performance was perfectly pleasant, but he’s not the one million dollar guy they’re looking for. Sharon loved his song choice, but doesn’t think he’s very confident yet – she says it was a very nice performance.

Landon Swank from Alaska has brought his magic act to Hollywood tonight.  Landon gets Nick to knock on a big mirror in an armoire and then sign the mirror with permanent marker. They turn the armoire around and do the same thing – Nick signs his last name on the back mirror. The signatures are covered up by squares of paper. Landon comes through the paper from the back to the front of the armoire mirror – and Nick’s name is still there after! Piers is impressed. Sharon tells Landon she didn’t quite understand what was going on, but it was very interesting. Howie says the magic is great although the presentation wasn’t all that it could be.

Smage Bros. Riding Show, the brothers from Wisconsin, take the stage to do their motorcycle tricks to a Black Eyed Peas tune. They thrill the audience by jumping from platform to platform and even over top of a young man laying on the stage!  Sharon tells them it was spectacular and amazing. Howie jokes with the guy who laid on the stage, and Piers tells them they woke everyone up!

Thomas John the juggler from San Francisco, California is next up on America’s Got Talent in Hollywood. Dressed in an American flag jumpsuit, Thomas features Piers, Sharon, and Howie bobbleheads on the screen behind him as he juggles and hams for the crowd. By the end, Piers and Sharon have both hit their buzzers. Howie says he was funny and entertaining. Piers says it was terrible, noting that they may have put their faith in the wrong acts to go through. Sharon tells Thomas it was slow, and he did drop twice, but it was entertaining.

Pole dancer Steven Retchless will strive to carry on in the competition as he performs tonight in Hollywood. Wearing a Gaga-esque white frosted costume, Steven performs his routine on two poles with a bit of dancing thrown in for good measure. Piers hits the buzzer and takes a lot of flack, including a spray of water from Howie. Sharon says it was spectacular. Howie calls him a cross between Lady Gaga and a firefighter – amazing!

Twin sisters, Mona Lisa, who were singing at a bar for $100 dollars a week, have brought their act to Hollywood. The singers from Houston, Texas take the stage in colorful cocktail dresses and perform God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. Sharon likes the harmonies and thinks they’ve got it all going on. Howie has nothing critical to say, but warns they are have to do things to stand out to compete. Piers agrees it was a little lacking in the wild factor – it was nice and safe, but he didn’t see all their potential tonight.

Silhouettes, the group of 42 who make shadows, are ready to perform live – their theme for tonight is American pride. As they dance behind the screen they make formations of famous US landmarks while God Bless America plays.  The judges give them a standing ovation. Piers says it hasn’t been a very good night, but that act was complete genius – he loved it! Sharon appreciates how versatile they are and calls them brilliant. Howie says they’re original and unique – they’re already stars!

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  1. Doug Calder Says:
    July 19th, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    The sound on tuesday nights show was horrible. There was an “echo” on all the parts that were video and many times we could not hear the announcers or judges. I would have thought they would have corrected it during the show but this did not happen. Thought you would want to know.


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