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Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Tempers Flare As The Men Blow It Again

July 19, 2011 06:06 PM by Lisa Princ

FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen is back tonight with the second part of the season nine premiere. But is Chef Gordon Ramsay in for more than he bargained for? Keep reading for all the highlights!

Hell’s Kitchen kicked off the second half of the season nine premiere tonight with Jonathon trying to talk some sense into Paul and Brendan, who could not get along last night. After little sleep, the contestants were then awakened by a child blaring a guitar concocted by Gordon Ramsay of course. For their first challenge today, they would have to prove that they know the basics about meat temperature by pairing into teams of two and cooking four different cuts of steak to four different temperatures.

Despite being in teams of two, it was still men versus women with whoever getting the most correct temperatures getting the win. It was neck in neck between both teams, until Elise and Carrie were up. Elise and Carrie only got one correct out of four and of course they started the blame game – we can definitely see why Gordon Ramsay mentioned Elise in his last interview, she is definitely a strong personality. The women finally caught up, but in the end the men took the win at the last minute, which landed them a trip to Palm Springs with Gordon Ramsay while the women were stuck sucking down a meat slurpee.

Seriously, Andy and Scott pureed all the meat from the challenge on Hell’s Kitchen and made the women drink it for their lunch – what a gross punishment. And it did not end there as the ladies had to take the meat delivery for the evening and cut it all into portions. After their punishment, all the women were in the dorm studying so they would not lose the dinner service the next day, except for one that is. Carrie was snagged drinking and hanging out with Brendan which ended in the pair heading into a room together…what they did, no one knows!

At the start of dinner service, Elise proved that she was a leader by getting the red kitchen organized, while Chino was nervously struggling with the risotto, and with good reason as he was in the bottom last night. Elise’s power trip took her too far though and Gordon Ramsay had to put her in her place. After a few minutes of silence, Elise got her act together and started leading the team again, which ended in food leaving the kitchen and diners happy. The momentum did not keep up though as Krupa dropped an entire tray of prime rib while trying to get it to the table.

The men in the blue kitchen had still not put out an entree, and Brendan got caught lying to Chef Ramsay about his fish. Finally, Gordon Ramsay got so pissed off that he kicked all the men out of the kitchen, replacing them with four of the girls. Back in the dorm, the men did nothing but argue about whose fault it was, playing the blame game. The women, however were rocking out meals from both kitchens. Clearly, the men of the blue kitchen were on the chopping block yet again.

When Gordon Ramsay asked the blue team who should be up for elimination, almost everyone said Brendan and Chino since they had the most mishaps in the kitchen. While pleading their cases, Chino swore he would improve and told Chef Ramsay how this experience was humbling him. Brendan told Chef Ramsay how much he wanted to remain there and then apologized for lying about the fish. In the end, Gordon Ramsay chose to send Brendan home due to his lies. Brendan said goodbye to Carrie on the camera before he left, telling her he was rooting for her and asking her to call him. Best of luck to Brendan.

Be sure to tune in next week at 8 pm EST for another brand new episode on Fox!

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