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Masterchef Recap: It’s Mother’s Day For The Top Ten!

July 19, 2011 07:00 PM by Lisa Princ

Last night, Erryn Cobb say goodbye to his dream on Fox‘s Masterchef and tonight it’s Mother’s Day as the top ten must impress the judges’ mothers. Who can impress these tough critics? Read on for all the highlights!

Masterchef is back tonight and the remaining 10 chefs will get put to the ulimate test – cooking a three course meal, for three tough ladies. Who would they be cooking for? Why, none other than the judges’ mothers! Tracy and Giueseppe were the team captains tonight and Tracy chose Adrien, Christian, Jennifer and Christine. Giueseppe chose Alejandra, Ben, Suzy, and Derrick for his team. Then we met the moms, and Gordon told everyone how his mother, who was tiny in stature to him, could still put him in his place. Joe told them his mother would pull out the wooden spoon on them – yikes!

The team captains each had three minutes with the mothers to find out what they like and dislike. Gordon Ramsay’s mother seemed to be the toughest out of the group to please, while Joe and Graham’s mothers were much easier and liked many more foods. Tracy’s blue team went with a risky fish dish, knowing that Gordon’s mother is not a fan of fish, while Giuseppe created¬†an almost all Italian menu for his team – which concerns his team mates. Joe Bastianich, however is concerned that Tracy’s appetizer of carrot soup will not go over well with the moms.

The appetizers both seem to go over well with the judges’ mothers, but chaos is still going on in the kitchen. Tracy is worried about her fish dish, but in Giuseppe’s kitchen, he is about to make a critical mistake by using store bought pasta – for an authentic Italian like Lidia Bastianich seemed wrong.¬†Oddly enough, Joe’s mother did not tear it apart as much as Gordon Ramsay’s mother did. Gordon’s mother also loved the fish despite the fact that she normally does not like fish – looked like Tracy’s team had the advantage at this point. In the end, the mothers preferred Tracy’s menu over Giuseppe’s giving Tracy’s team the win and sending Giuseppe’s team to the pressure test challenge.

Before they started the pressure test challenge on Masterchef, Gordon Ramsay asked Giuseppe why he thought his team lost, and he replied by saying the difference in palate. Gordon Ramsay was infuriated by that remark and went off on the team telling them not to ever blame their mothers. Then the pressure test challenge was revealed: cooking the perfect eggs Benedict, which sent Ben in an excited uproar! Giuseppe was the underdog going into this challenge as he never made eggs Benedict before, but could he pull through and prove everyone wrong?

Neither Derrick nor Giuseppe were able to get their eggs Benedict completed perfectly while the others seemed to. Derrick did not manage to get his sauce on in time, while Guiseppe’s plate was a mess and Alejandra’s eggs were not cooked properly when Gordon cut into them. Ben, who had the best eggs was sent to safety first, followed by Suzy and Alejandra. That left Giuseppe and Derrick in the bottom two and despite the tough decision, Gordon announced that Giuseppe would be heading home this week!

Best of luck to Giuseppe! Be sure to tune in next time for a brand new episode of Masterchef!

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