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The Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Dishes Hometown Dates and Letting Ames Go

July 19, 2011 08:32 AM by Candace Young

On last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert visited the remaining four bachelors at home and met their families. In the end, Ashley made a move that surprised some by cutting Ames Brown, who appeared to be the total package. Keep reading to find out what Ashley was really thinking during the dates and why she cut Ames…

In her latest People blog, Ashley Hebert dished on what viewers didn’t see in the hometown dates episode of The Bachelorette.

We all saw what a great time Ashley had with Constantine in his hometown of Cumming, Georgia, and she confirms that being at home in his comfort zone allowed him to really show who he is – a man who is “relaxed, warm, and incredibly happy and confident.”  What we didn’t see was Ashley learning about how important being a Greek Orthodox is to Constantine.  She stated, “I had never known religion to be that important to him, and it really took me by surprise that he never mentioned it to me. I assume it was fear of dissimilarity.”  Will this come up again between the couple? We have to wonder.

Ashley went on to say that Ben’s family was the one that was most unlike what she expected. Based on Ben’s personality, Ashley had basically expected a fun, noisy clan, but explains, “They were sophisticated and conservative. His mother reminded me of Coco Chanel! I was so nervous talking with her and felt somewhat intimidated.”  Ashley also noted that she watched Ben’s interview in which he spoke about missing his father, and is glad he is opening up emotionally during this process.

JP and Ashley seemed to bond back in the days when she was still pining for Bentley, and their connection was clearly evident on their hometown date. Ashley was more physically affectionate with JP than any of the other guys and seemed so comfortable with him.  What viewers, and JP, didn’t know was that Ashley was keyed up on this date.  She says, “I was really nervous to meet JP’s family for a different reason than he probably thought. I was scared that they wouldn’t be pleased that I wasn’t Jewish.” It turned out her anxiety was unfounded and his family accepted her with open arms, though they were worried about him getting his heart broken like he had in the past.

Ashley also reflected on her failed relationship with Ames, and the reason she opted to let him go and keep the other three, explaining that there really wasn’t enough of a spark between them despite all the wonderful things he has to offer a woman. She blogged, “I saw a bit of his spontaneous side in the elevator in Taipei, but I feel he always talked about how he was romantic more than he actually was.”  She notes that even his sister could see the lack of a romantic spark between the couple.  Still, it wasn’t easy to let him go. Ashley muses,  “I knew saying goodbye to him would be hard because the last thing I wanted to do was hurt someone I respected so much.”

Romantic feelings can’t be forced – we all know this. Do you think Ashley did the right thing by letting Ames go, or do you think it was Ashley Hebert’s Dumb Bachelorette Moment of the Week?

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